Cleared by Solairus

No Owner Approval Needed!

No Owner Approval Needed!

Heavy Lift Cleared for May 2017!
The following Solairus Charter Aircraft have clear flight and maintenance calendars, clear flight crew assignments, and have had clear commitment from each owner regarding their extended periods of availability for charter throughout May 2017.

Dallas Falcon 2000LX

DAL- Based Falcon 2000LX Spec SheetBook Now!

LAX / SFO Global Express XRS

LAX/SFO Based Global Express XRS Private Jet CharterBook Now!

Orlando Legacy 500

MCO-Based Legacy 500Book Now!

Austin Challenger 604

Austin Based Challenger 604 Private Jet CharterBook Now!

Fort Lauderdale Challenger 604

Fort Lauderdale Challenger 604 Private Jet CharterBook Now!

Connecticut Gulfstream GIV-SP

Connecticut Gulfstream GIV-SPBook Now!