Solairus Mobile App

Introducing the Solairus Web-Based Mobile App

Utilizing the latest iOS SDK technology, the Solairus mobile application is fed Solairus’ charter fleet data from IPC Logistics powered Oasis 5.0, giving users the ability to see one-way flight availability updates in real time. All flight listings include the aircraft’s spec sheet along with Solairus Aviation Charter Sales contact information.

Users will be also able to use the Solairus App to enter custom profiles allowing auto-notifications regarding one-way flight availablity. All the user has to do is enter in the cities of interest and email address, and the application will alert the user whenever a one-way flight that matches the criteria becomes available.

Watch the video below for a guided tour:

Apple iPhone and iPad Installation Instructions

Step 1. Open the Safari web browser and visit
Step 2. Click on the Solairus App Icon located above.
Step 3. Once the Solairus Mobile App navigation screen appears, tap the “+” symbol in the middle of the lower menu.
Step 4. Tap “Add to Home Screen.”
Step 5. Confirm the web-based mobile app’s name, “Solairus App” and tap “Add” in the upper right menu.
Step 6. The Solairus App Icon will automatically install itself onto your home screen.
Step 7. Tap the Solairus App Icon to launch the application.

Watch the video below for step by step installation instructions.

Blackberry Torch instructions
Click the Solairus App icon above on your Torch’s internet browser. Click the menu button and select Add to Home Screen. Choose the desired location and tap the Add button. Once you have added the App, click the Solairus Icon on your Torch’s screen to launch the application. For more information on how to set up your BlackBerry Torch, please click here.

Droid By motorola instructions
Click the Solairus App icon above on your Droid’s internet browser and bookmark the site. Once you have bookmarked the App, tap anywhere on the home screen and hold down. A menu will pop up to help you add a shortcut icon to your home screen.Follow these instructions, then click the Solairus App Icon on your home screen to launch the application. For more information on how to set up your Droid, please click here.

Solairus App support/ assistance with Other Devices
For all other mobile devices or for general assistance with the Solairus Mobile App, please contact Please note that not all mobile devices are compatible with the Solairus Mobile Application. For more information regarding Solairus Aviation’s Charter Fleet availability, please contact, 800.359.7861.