Solairus Update: Coronavirus COVID-19

The spread of the Coronavirus has led to the requirement for constant monitoring, situational updates and dynamic action at Solairus over the last 7-10 days. We would like to share with you some of our current thoughts, as well as steps we have taken and are continuing to take. Obviously, this situation is fluid.

We are in the travel industry, and as such our mission is to safely transport our clients to places that they need to be, while minimizing risk to both passengers and personnel. Let me assure you that this mission has not changed. When travel is necessary, we believe that our industry is in the very fortunate position to make it happen with significantly less risk than any other means of transportation. That said, we are committed to taking every possible precaution and following every mitigation protocol available to us.

Our Safety Department has been closely monitoring the situation and issuing regular communications to our team members, based on the most current and best advice provided by health and industry experts. Below are some of the current guidelines in place for our team members which extend to our clients:

  • Monitoring and avoidance of “active” areas around the globe.  Each trip request is being crossed checked against CDC and State Department lists of areas noted to present high risk.  This list is growing each day.   However, we will advise all involved if a plan is proposed that we believe puts client or crew members at undue risk.
  • We are ensuring that all aircraft are cleaned to meet the standards identified by the CDC in reference to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Solairus will continue to thoroughly clean the aircraft, to reduce or prevent the spread of the disease on our aircraft after each passenger flight.
  • Should we find any passenger to have been ill while traveling aboard our aircraft, the aircraft will undergo a deep cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Due to potential exposure to the COVID-19, travel on any Solairus Aviation aircraft or vendor operated aircraft will be prohibited if a passenger has visited any of the CDC Level 3 status countries within the preceding 14 days. Restricted countries and regions are listed here.
  • We are working with our connections at each international location to comply with the latest quarantine and travel restrictions.

    In preparation for any upcoming flight, please:

    • Be prepared to indicate if any of the passengers have visited a CDC Level 3 country in the preceding 14 days.
    • Inform a representative of Solairus if any passengers are not feeling well or have a fever or symptoms of a fever.

      We have taken, and will continue to take, precautionary measures, as advised by health, governmental and industry experts through reliable sources.  Given the dynamic nature of the coronavirus, our response will evolve as the situation changes.  Our promise to our clients and crew is that we will keep you informed of applicable developments as they arise, while also working to not duplicate information and messaging you may be getting from elsewhere.

      Our mission is the safe and effective movement of our clients, their guests and our crew members.  We remain as vigilant, informed and fully committed to this mission now as ever before.

      Thank you for your continued trust in Solairus.


      Dan Drohan

      Solairus Aviation