Light Jet and Turboprop Management Services

Solairus Aviation’s Light Jet and Turboprop Management Program can strengthen any aircraft owner’s flight department by offering industry-leading operational, fiscal and safety oversight, extensive budgetary savings and the opportunity to offset some of the costs of ownership through charter.

We have identified specific processes and strengths that we now know allow us to offer Light Jet and Turboprop aircraft owners the ability to customize the level of support needed to maximize the return on your aviation investment.

A Solairus senior executive will be assigned to your account to ensure high-touch customer service. You will have direct access to your representative at all times, and he/she has the authority to respond immediately to any of your questions or concerns.

Operations Support

The foundation of the Light Jet and Turboprop Management program is the integration of your aircraft into our flight management system, providing access to our processes and procedures, safety management system (SMS), maintenance tracking integration, dispatch services and flight tracking. Our Flight Operations and Maintenance teams have codified our best-practices into a complete set of operating manuals; guidelines and processes followed by all flight crew and maintenance technicians. 

Additionally, Preferred Core Service aircraft have access to all of the economic advantages provided to Solairus’ fully managed fleet. These would include significant market discounts for fuel, crew training, insurance, wi-fi, as well as many other goods and services. 

All Light Jet and Turboprop Management Program Clients Receive:

  • Integration into Solairus’ flight management system, providing access to our processes and procedures, safety management system (SMS), maintenance tracking integration, dispatch services and flight tracking.
  • Access to the Solairus purchasing group that has developed programs that leverage the buying power and long-term vendor relationships derived from the operation of a fleet of over two hundred and thirty aircraft.
    • This enables Solairus to deliver significant cost savings on fuel, insurance, crew training, maintenance, and other categories.
    • Any discounts we negotiate are passed on to you 100% in full, with no mark-up and no commission.
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Additional Service Options

All Light Jet and Turboprop Management Program Clients must also select one or more of the following options available to them:

Light Jet Flying
Maintenance Oversight

Solairus’ Maintenance Staff members will:

– Track, schedule and oversee required inspection and maintenance events

– Coordinate repairs for unscheduled events and AOG situations 

– Source multiple bids for necessary major maintenance work from our network of qualified maintenance providers. Our recommendation as to which provider’s bid to select will be based on a combination of historical quality of work, price and schedule, to ensure optimal pricing and minimal disruption of aircraft utilization. 

Light Jet Flying
Fiscal Management

The Fiscal Management option provides complete, transparent, and accurate analysis and processing of all aviation-related expenses and reporting. The Solairus accounting department is staffed with industry-experienced personnel and managed by a Chief Financial Officer who has over 15 years of experience in the aircraft management business.

Customized processes and procedures have been implemented to ensure accurate and timely analysis and processing of all aviation-related expenses.

Mid-Size Jet Flying
Crew Recruiting & Employment

Selection of individual team members to serve in roles as pilots or maintenance supervisors is critical to the successful delivery of our service.

Solairus provides employment of, and overall HR responsibility for, all crew members, thus providing an arm’s length relationship legally for our clients. Given the ever-changing world of employer liability, the unique nature of the work done by flight crew and the fact that we employ over 500 of these personnel, we believe we are uniquely suited for taking on this responsibility. We also believe that this relationship makes clear each team member’s ultimate responsibility for service delivery. 

Super-Mid Jet Flying
Flight Coordination & Logistics

Solairus can provide the support services and resources you need to simplify aircraft scheduling, so that you can enjoy the benefits of your investment – flexibility, convenience and reliability. When you select Solairus to help you coordinate your travel, you gain access to an incredibly experienced staff, with a wealth of knowledge, that will ensure that all of your trips are planned in the most effective, efficient and safest way possible. 

Drawing on the capabilities of our in-house staff we will arrange for permits, departure and arrival slots, clearances, and ground handling for domestic and international destinations. 

Part 135 Operations Option

    Your crew will be trained by our Training and Safety Officers in FAR Part 135 procedures, along with thorough instruction on Solairus Aviation Operations and Maintenance Manuals.
    Our maintenance and operations teams will ensure both aircraft and crew records are in compliance with all applicable FAA regulations and Solairus Aviation certificate requirements.
    Our charter operations “back office” is staffed with dedicated charter sales and service personnel, available 24/7, and responsible for determining the proper solution for any travel need, both domestic and international. These individuals have years of experience generating leads, qualifying prospects and closing business in the charter market.
    Our marketing strategy is prioritized to target, and put our people in front of, qualified users of on-demand charter. Target prospects include high net worth individuals, corporations, and flight departments in need of supplemental lift.