Charter Flights to Cuba

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Enjoy quick, convenient, and comfortable travel to Cuba onboard charter flights to Cuba with Solairus. With a wide selection of private charters to Cuba to choose from, including light jets for couples and bigger aircraft for larger parties of friends and family. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy a memorable journey, with experienced aviation specialists leading the way.

Solairus is one of the most trusted and renowned private charter operators in the US today, continually pushing the limits of private jet travel in order to offer the most pleasing experiences to every passenger. We won’t just meet your expectations; we’ll exceed them, striving tirelessly to help you enjoy the best possible time on your private jet to Cuba.

Cuba by Private Jet

A beautiful and fascinating Caribbean destination, the island of Cuba has been a popular travel spot for many years, drawing in millions of tourists from across the globe each and every year.

Whether you’re checking out the soft golden sands of the coastline, experiencing the rich history and vibrant musical lifestyle of Havana, enjoying some of the delicious local food, or trying something totally different, you can have a magical time in Cuba, and one of the best ways to travel is a private jet.

There are a few limitations on private charters to Cuba and general travel for Americans in Cuba to consider, so you’ll need to make sure you comply with the visa requirements and do the necessary research.

However, flying to Cuba is a lot easier than you might imagine, especially with a private charter to Havana or another Cuban city.

Once you arrive, there’s plenty to do. Cities like Havana, Varadero, and Holguin have tons of historical and cultural experiences to uncover. At the same time, some of the most visited hotspots include the Peninsula de Zapata National Park, Valle de Vinales, Bay of Pigs, Varadero Bach, and Old Havana.

The Benefits of Charter Flights to Cuba

Solairus Aviation can fly you to Cuba in your own private charter jet, enjoying the highest onboard comfort and security standards. Here are just a few benefits to flying with us:

  • Stress-Free – Flying on a commercial airline to Cuba can be worrisome and stressful, but with private charter flights to Cuba, you’ll have a hassle and stress-free journey. You won’t need to worry about long lines or confusing customs procedures; the whole experience will be much smoother and more straightforward than ever.
  • Luxury – Another brilliant benefit of choosing a private jet to Cuba is the level of on-board luxury you can enjoy. Our stellar fleet of jets comes with the highest standards of features and amenities, including comfortable chairs, on-board entertainment, 5-star dining services, and much more besides.
  • Privacy – One of the main reasons many people choose private flights to Cuba is so that they can get away from the crowds of the airport lounges and the noisy cabins of commercial flights. With a private charter, you’ll be able to fully rest and relax in peace and quiet, with only your fellow travelers and highly-trained crew members for the company.
  • Speed and Efficiency – Another significant advantage of opting for charter flights to Cuba is that you’ll get to your destination much more quickly and efficiently this way. Specific preset routes and schedules limit commercial airlines, but charter flights have much more freedom, helping you get wherever you want to be much faster.

Get in touch with Solairus today to reserve your own private charter flights to Cuba.

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