Solairus Launches Charter Membership

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All-inclusive preferred pricing, streamlined booking, guaranteed availability, and flexible aircraft categories highlight Altitude by Solairus.

Orlando, FL (October 20, 2014) –

Solairus Aviation has announced the company’s first private charter membership club: Altitude by Solairus. Featuring multiple membership levels and customized programs, Altitude offers all members preferred access to Solairus’ extensive worldwide charter network, all-inclusive pricing, streamlined booking, and interchangeable charter hours with no long-term commitments required.

“Altitude is built on the same client focused service principles that have made our aircraft management business so successful,” Solairus Senior Vice President of Charter Sales, Paul Class explained. “Dedicated Solairus charter representatives work directly with the client to build a customized solution that fits the Altitude Member’s specific needs.”

Altitude features multiple membership levels that are defined by the aircraft categories frequently utilized. Members can either purchase a 25-hour block of time in their chosen aircraft category, or they can choose to deposit an initial fixed dollar amount across all four aircraft categories to use at their convenience.

Altitude is built on the same client focused service principles that have made our aircraft management business so successful.Paul Class, VP Charter Sales

Altitude is currently offering membership levels for very light, light, mid-sized, and super-mid jets with an expected expansion into heavy and ultra-long range jets in the near future.

“The 25-hour program guarantees industry leading prices, increased booking speeds, and personalized trip planning.” Class continued. “The fixed dollar program adds to these benefits by giving Altitude members the same flexibility of on-demand charter across multiple aircraft types.”

“As a limitless measurement with an obvious tie to aviation, we choose the name ‘Altitude’ to reflect the program’s vast ability to grow with our clients’ needs. Altitude Members fly when they want, where they want, and with four classes of world-class, late model private aircraft categories, and a versatile fixed dollar program option available, Altitude Members fly on what they want!”

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About Solairus Aviation:

Solairus is a US-based private aviation services company whose core business is assisting aircraft owners with the safe, reliable, and efficient management and operation of their aircraft. Our services are customized to meet the client’s individual travel and financial requirements, and to support their flight operation with the highest standards of safety and personalized service, regardless of the location of the aircraft.

Solairus was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Solairus has over forty base locations nationwide, employing more than 400 hundred flight crew and support personnel to operate a fleet currently numbering over seventy aircraft. Solairus is an Aviation Research Group/US Platinum-Rated and Wyvern Wingman certified charter operator. Solairus has also received the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and is an IS-BAO Stage Three certified company. Solairus offers a full range of services in addition to aircraft management, which includes aircraft charter sales, aviation support services, and consulting.


Solairus Aviation Media Contact:

Eric Wildt
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