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Catch the Best Spring Skiing

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The end of winter doesn’t mean you have to pack up your skis. A secret that ski enthusiasts try to keep to themselves is that spring is one of the best times of the year to hit the slopes, especially when the crowds are not on a weeklong break. Book a chartered flight in the morning to catch sunny afternoon …

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Summer X Games

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After uprooting itself from Los Angeles and challenging the winds in Austin, Texas, the Summer X Games move to Minneapolis, Minnesota, making it the first Midwest state to host X Games events. The highly anticipated competitions take place July 13 to 16, 2017, at the U.S. Bank Stadium. The games will feature more than 200 of the world’s finest action sports athletes, …

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San Francisco Gems

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San Francisco is a city that can eternally excite you with the treasures hidden within its plethora of nooks. It’s like an artichoke—the deeper you get into it, the richer the experience. When you look past the concrete hills and stunning bay, you can’t help but feel consumed by the city’s contagious energy. San Francisco loves the good life. From …

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Spring Break Family Destinations

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With the last weeks of winter behind you, spring break offers a fabulous opportunity to welcome warmer weather and gain quality time with the kids. The best vacation spots for a weeklong break are those that are within or close to the U.S., as their proximity allows you begin your adventure within hours when you fly in a private jet. …


Large Cabin Charter Aircraft Options

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Flying doesn’t get any better when you do it on a large-cabin private jet, as large charter aircraft provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and distance. Travelers often choose large-cabin jets for their unmatched performance and ability to reach international destinations without stopping to refuel. Amenities on Solairus’ fleet of large-cabin charter aircraft include fax and Internet service, private lavatories …


Mid-Cabin Charter Aircraft Options

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There’s nothing classier than reaching a destination on a private charter jet. Solairus makes this simple with a fleet of aircraft that are ready to fly you to one of the thousands of airports around the world. If you need ground transportation, catering or have a special request, our dedicated staff will happily make arrangements to ensure the comfort of …


Light Jet Charter Aircraft Options

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Chartering an aircraft from Solairus gives you access to thousands of airports across the continent and thousands more around the world. Whether flying for business or pleasure, chartering a private jet comes with benefits that commercial airlines will never offer, such as arranging ground transportation on your behalf, never missing a flight because you’re late, delicious food and ample legroom …

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Best Eats in Naples, Florida

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Lured by stories of mild climates, year-round sun, and abundant fish and wildlife, visitors have flocked to Naples, Florida since the late 1800s for a taste of the relaxing neo-Mediterranean lifestyle. The white-sand beaches, lofty manicured golf courses, exquisite shopping and lively arts scene continue to attract the country’s most affluent citizens today, as Naples comes in second in regards to …

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Relax in St. Barts

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A slice of paradise hidden in the Antilles, St. Barthélemy is merely 11 miles long and 2 miles wide. What it lacks in land mass, the island makes up in affluence. It’s everywhere—from the towering megayachts to luxury boutiques. Because the island is relatively unknown and difficult to get to without a private jet, St. Barts continues to attract celebrities, royalty, …

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Nantucket, Massachusetts

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A small island about 30 miles south of Cape Code, Massachusetts, Nantucket is one of the best environmental and architectural examples of an early 19th-century New England seaport town in the United States. The National Historic Landmark District was once the most prominent whaling port in the world with a harbor that buzzed with ships, cooperages, chandleries and crowded wharves. The …