The 5 Most Extreme Vacation Adventures

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Sometimes time off calls for much more than just kicking back. Sometimes vacation calls for kicking into gear with an extreme adventure. These trips are the times when you get to return home with a truly life-changing experience, and often times, you even feel compelled to toast to the sheer survival of the journey.  Call Solairus today to book your private jet charter to one of these awesome adventure destinations.



Heli Skiing in British Columbia

Outside Magazine, the go-to bible, of sorts, for the extreme sports adventurer, touts British Columbia as one of the best places to go extreme when testing your downhill skills. Bighorn at Revelstoke is the particular place to be to double-down on your vacation.  A known resort for the first-of-the-first class, Revelstoke offers catering to the top 1% in a European Chalet style in addition to prime heli-drops. It’s basically a castle outfitted with an expert Canadian heli-ski center. You can spend a week shredding down the most vertical mountain faces in North America, returning to your gigantic fireplace each evening to enjoy champagne and duck confit. So the only question is: How soon can you get packed?




Sand Boarding in Peru

Whether you’ve hiked the Inca Trail or taken in the sights at Machu Picchu, there’s more to do in Peru than walking around with a camera. Travel just outside the city of Ica, about a 4.5 hour drive south of Lima, where you’ll find the desert village of Huacachina. Built around a small natural lake and atop scaling sand dunes, Huacachina is truly a Peruvian oasis for the adventure traveler. Never sand-boarded before? An old snowboard will do, but keep your mouth shut to avoid more grit than you already have.




Climbing Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

There’s just no denying the expansive adventures just waiting to happen on the continent of Africa. One of the most well known feats to pursue is hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcanic peak in Tanzania. As wildly popular as attempting to climb to the top is, less than 50% of hikers make it to the summit each year, making the final trek that much more of an extreme sport. Abercrombie and Kent offers luxury all-inclusive trips up the most exclusive routes on the mountain, so you can climb a less-crowded trail led by the most serious of mountaineers.  Simply charter a private jet to Tanzania and let Abercrombie and Kent guide you from there.




White Water Rafting in Patagonia

Hit up Futaleufu River in for class III-IV rapids by day and luxury camping by night. Outside magazine quotes, “This classic ride is singular not only in Patagonian scenery, but the Futaleufu is also unique in that the guiding company that pioneered it, Earth River Expeditions, has built permanent river camps into cliff dwellings with riverside stone hot tubs, hot showers, treehouses, and beds.” And, if nature preservation is your thing, Earth River Expeditions’ core values will speak to your soul.




Base-Jumping the Epic Meru Peak, Himalayas

The revered site of the highest recorded base-jump, the domineering Meru peak stands at 6,660 meters high in the Gharwal Himalayas, in the Uttarakhand region of India. Just to summit the peak is a more than 20-day trek, and that in itself is quite the adventure. You can put your trust in the veteran tour company of KE Adventure Travel, but once you’re at the top, you’re quite possibly on your own!



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