Autumn Adventures in New York City

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Fall is right around the corner and we can’t imagine a more beautiful place to spend the season than in New York City.  Many have called this 302-square-mile stretch of land the cultural capital of the world and we would tend to agree.  Fall in New York means crisp, clean air, and beautiful foliage.  As the wheels of your private jet touch down on the runway you will be swept up in the excitement that is The Big Apple.  So, what are the best places to hit during your stay?  Here are a few not-to-be-missed adventures that will help you explore the thriving metropolis that is New York City:

Shopping Adventures

New York City offers an unparalleled shopping experience full of designer brands, exclusive boutiques, impeccable customer service, and must-have finds. When you’re in town be sure to hit these amazing spots for some retail therapy:

  • Madison Avenue: If you don’t know where to begin your shopping adventure, start on Madison Avenue.  Its 15 blocks are home to venerated fashion houses like Hermes, Cartier, Chanel, and Prada.
  • Henri Bendel: This self-proclaimed girls’ playground on Fifth Avenue is the place to go to find some of the latest and hottest fashions, accessories, gifts, and cosmetics. The chicest girls in NYC sport the iconic brown and white striped shopping bags.
  • Bergdorf Goodman: This iconic department store is located just south of Central Park, on Fifth Avenue.  Head up to the fifth floor to find a new designer outfit and a matching pair of shoes, then make your way to the first floor for the perfect accessories.

Other shopping hotspots to check out include the eclectic offerings in SoHo (from West Houston Street to Canal Street), FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York on Madison Avenue

Culinary Adventures

New York City offers an array of gourmet eateries that will satisfy even the pickiest palates.  The following are our top picks.  Bon appetit!

  • Masa: A 26-seat Japanese restaurant in the Time Warner Center, this dinner experience takes 3 hours to complete and there are no menus.
  • Per Se: If you like Thomas Keller’s French Laundry restaurant in California, you will feel right at home with the Napa Valley cuisine at Per Se on Columbus Circle in midtown Manhattan.
  • Daniel: Enjoy the French cuisine of Daniel Boulud, who offers a creative market-inspired menu.  You can find Daniel on East 65th Street, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue.
  • Le Bernardin: Go to Le Bernardin in midtown Manhattan on West 51st Street for the freshest raw-inspired seafood menu in town.  Choices available include “Almost Raw,” “Barely Touched” and “Lightly Cooked.”
Nightlife Adventures

In the City that Never Sleeps, the best time to mix and mingle is after the sun sets.  Socialize at these scenes:

  • Apotheke: You know a bar is hot when you need a GPS system to find it.  Located on Doyers Street in Chinatown, Apotheke looks like a noodle shop called Golden Flower Restaurant from the outside.  Once inside, you’ll find expertly prepared spirits and homemade tinctures.
  • Hotel Delmano: The Hotel Delmano is so exclusive that it doesn’t even have a sign (and isn’t really a hotel).  Located on Brooklyn’s Berry Street, the only clue that you’ve reached your destination is the globe hanging above the unmarked entrance.
  • Rose Bar: Located in the Gramercy Park Hotel on Lexington Avenue is the painfully cool Rose Bar.  The plush bar has heavily guarded doors that only let A-listers and the lavishly fashionable through.

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