Benefits of Private Jets with Large Cabins

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When you charter a private jet, you’ll find that you have your choice in aircraft sizes, from light cabins to large cabins. In addition to being more comfortable, large-cabin jets offer more amenities and provide the ultimate VIP experience. When you’re in the market for a heavy jet, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of traveling in a private jet and the best that the industry offers in performance and luxury.

Advantages of Private Jets with Large Cabins

  • Largest cabin space: Next to airliner-sized planes, heavy jet planes have the largest cabin space of all private aircraft. Many have stand-up cabins that are tall enough for those who are 6 feet tall to stand upright.
  • Travel further: Private jets with large cabins also have big engines and big fuel tanks, so they travel further. Today’s aircraft cover an average of 4,000 miles (up to 9 hours of flight time) in a single non-stop leg, allowing you to travel almost anywhere in the world without the need to refuel.
  • More room for guests: Private jets with large cabins generally accommodate between 8 and 15 passengers, making them ideal for corporate charter flights.
  • Greater comfort: The larger cabin space in heavy jets transform into comfortable sleeping accommodations. The seats also fully recline without sacrificing the leg space of other passengers.
  • Flight attendants: Private jet charters have flight attendants that look after the comfort, entertainment, catering and safety needs of passengers.
  • Full galleys: Fully galleys are like kitchens with extra storage compartments. They have coffee machines, food ovens, preparation areas, refrigeration, food trolleys and trash bins. Flight attendants use the area to prepare meals and beverages.
  • Large baggage compartments: In private jets, you aren’t limited to a couple suitcases; you can take as much luggage as the aircraft will hold. In addition to external luggage compartments, there is ample space in overhead storage bins.
  • Additional amenities: Private jets with large cabins have perks, such as private lavatories and dressing areas, noise-cancelling headphones, DVD players, stereos, Internet, satellite phones, docking stations for electronic equipment, and fax services.

Examples of Large-Cabin Jets

  • Challenger 601: Seats up to nine passengers; range of up to 3,900 miles
  • Challenger 604: Seats up to 12 passengers; range of up to 4,500 miles
  • Challenger 850: Seating for up to 16 passengers and sleeping for eight; range of up to 3,400 miles
  • Embraer Legacy: Seats up to 13 passengers; range of 3,700 miles
  • Falcon 900B: Seats up to 14 passengers; range of up to 4,500 miles
  • Falcon 2000: Seats up to 10 passengers; range of up to 3,600 miles
  • Falcon 2000LXS: Seats up to 10 passengers; range of up to 4,603 miles
  • Global Express: Seat up to 14 passengers and sleeps up to seven; range of up to 6,400 miles
  • Global Express XRS: Seats up to 10 passengers; sleeps up to six passengers; range of up to 6,700 miles
  • Gulfstream G450: Seats up to 14 passengers; range of up to 5,000 miles
  • Gulfstream G550: Seats up to 14 passengers; range of up to 7,900 miles
  • Gulfstream G650: Seats up to 15 passengers, sleeps ups to six; range of up to 8,055 miles
  • Gulfstream GIV-SP: Seating for up to 14 passengers and sleeping arrangements for up to six; range of up to 4,465 miles

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