Best Restaurants near TET FBO When You Meant TEB

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In the unlikely event that you should find yourself in TET instead of TEB, because you thought Teterboro had a different airport code, please find the article below:

As capital of the Tete province in Mozambique, you’ll find Tete along the Zambezi River when you land your private charter jet at the TET FBO at the Chingozi Airport. The once forgotten province gained new life after the discovery of large coal deposits just before 2011. Now, the city is expected to be one of the world’s top coal producers and a bustling city. Whether you just landed at TET from Maputo International Airport or have some time on your hands before flying out, the nearby dining options are full of local, seasonal dishes mixed in with some international cuisine. While there are a handful of places to eat, don’t expect to dine any Michelin-rated establishments…yet. You’ll find that the best fare is what Tete’s residents award five stars.

Places to Eat Near TET FBO

  • Café del Rio: As one of the most upscale restaurants near the TET FBO, Café del Rio sits on the Zambezi River’s banks. The restaurant was constructed using locally sourced thatch and wood, and seating includes private tables and large plush benches. The restaurant features a revolving menu of local cuisine, such as tiger fish with seasonal vegetables. Favorite menu items include ribs, pizza and seafood. Café del Rio’s owner creates the daily menu according to the tastes of his regular customers and special requests. The bar’s Apple del Rio and Golden Heart Ticket cocktails come highly recommended. If your private jet charter has you in Tete for a couple of days, talk to the restaurant’s owner to arrange a fishing trip on a Kozi Cat or cocktail cruise on a wooden dhow.
  • Baobab Restaurant at the Hotel Maotize: Located in nearby Moatize, the Boabab Restaurant in the Hotel Maotize brings you a fusion of Mozambican and Portuguese cuisine featuring local ingredients. Area residents revere baobab trees, as some believe that the spirits of their ancestors reside in them and offer protection from violence. Baobab fruit is nutrient-dense and used in baked goods, beverages and deserts. You’ll also find local specialties made with pende fish and tiger fish, as well as drinks made from local produce, such as bran, sorghum, corn flour and baobab fruit.
  • RBG Bar & Grill at the Park Inn by Radisson: When you want a taste of home, the restaurant at the RBG Bar & Grill is calling your name. It offers American cuisine (e.g. juicy hamburgers and fresh salads), as well as local specialties. The restaurant serves nighttime snacks and features barbeque faire on Saturdays and brunch on Sundays.
  • Galaxy Indian Restaurant: (Avenida Eduardo Mondlane, Tete, Mozambique) When you crave authentic northern Indian and Indo-Pakistani cuisine, the Galaxy Indian Restaurant won’t disappoint. Chicken tikka massala is a house specialty, as well as the spicy butter chicken with apas de massa folhada, a type of flatbread. Other menu items to try are mutton briyani and sweet lassi. The food is halal, and vegetarian options are available. If you’d rather stay in the air-conditioned FBO, ask an agent to arrange for Galaxy’s delivery service.

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