Charter a Private Jet to these 6 Luxury Nightclubs

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It’s past 10 o’clock on a Friday night and there’s no way that you’re going to sleep anytime soon. If your private jet lands you in any of the following cities, take the opportunity to hit some of the most exclusive nightclubs in the world.

Greystone Manor | Los Angeles, CA

Open between Thursday and Saturday nights is the supper-club Greystone Manor filled with crowds of people sharing the same space as celebrities like Rihanna, Drake and Jennifer Lopez. The pop culture fixture features high ceilings, dancers, animated dance floors, chandeliers and plush couches. Bypass the line of hopefuls wishing to get in by purchasing tickets to see a world-class DJ mix, reserve bottle service or book a dinner. Also available are VIP fast passes.

The Boom Boom Room | New York City, NY

During the day, at the Top of the Standard in the Standard Hotel High Line in NYC’s meatpacking district is merely an elegant lounge designed by Andre Balasz. A place you can sit and chat with your friends as you savor a light meal and enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the Hudson River. At night, around 11pm, everything changes. The Top of the Standard becomes the Boom Boom Room, or BBR. Said to be the most exclusive club in the city, you can only get in if you’re on the invitation-only guest list. In case you’re wondering: no, flashing a hotel key will not ensure access into the luxe lounge.

The Cuckoo Club | London, England

Voted one of the best new clubs in London, the Cuckoo Club appeals to London’s elite crowd, celebrity guests and even Crown Princes. The 5,000 square feet of pink, purple and burgundy-adorned interior space is divided into a dining room on the upper level and a dance floor downstairs. To get in, dress to impress. It also doesn’t hurt to sign up on the online guest list or reserve a table.  Head over as soon as your private jet hits the tarmac!

P1 | Munich, Germany

P1 is where Munich’s social elite spend their nights. Models, actors, athletes and international celebrities love it, too. Hailed as one of the most posh clubs in the country, you’ll find P1 under the Haus der Kunst art museum. The venue is divided into two rooms with DJs spinning different musical genres in each. While the chic club doesn’t have a cover charge, except during special events, entry is limited to those who dress to impress and bring the best-looking company.

Club Silencio | Paris, France

Club Silencio is anything but silent at night. Established by filmmaker David Lynch, the club is primarily a members-only venue that opens to the “public” after midnight. However, the “public” is limited to those who dress as if they can afford the pricey bar tab (think Armani and diamonds). To find the club you’ll enter an intimate bunker-like building, descend six flights of stairs and make your way through a gilded tunnel lined with gold-leaf panels. Follow the light to the lounge and take the time to check out the sculptures, incredible two-way mirrors and other pieces of art throughout the club.

Light | Las Vegas, NV

A list of top nightclubs wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Las Vegas, NV. If you’re looking to pair your dancing with a spectacular show, Light at Mandalay Bay is the place to be. This unique club has partnered with world-famous Cirque du Soleil to provide an out-of-this-world nightlife experience. Complete with acrobats dancing from the ceiling and an enormous LED screen behind the DJ, Light will provide a night out like no other club on the planet.


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