Charter a Private Jet to Discover Earth’s Secret Islands

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Today’s most well-known island destinations are also among the most crowded with tourists. Fulfill your desires of escaping to a remote land by booking a private jet trip to some of the most secluded islands in the word. Whatever your fantasy, one of these destinations is sure to match.

Côn Đảo Islands, Vietnam

An archipelago in Vietnam’s Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province, the Côn Đảo islands are 110 miles off the country’s southeastern coast—a mere 45-minute flight on a private aviation charter. Côn Son, the only inhabited island in the respective chain, boasts sheer granite cliffs that border deserted beaches with crystalline water. It will remind you of the Amalfi Coast, minus the crowds. Between May and September, take a boat trip to Bay Canh Island to see endangered hawksbill turtles nesting. The make your way to the Dam Tre Bay lagoon.

Rest your head at the first five-star resort in the archipelago, the Six Senses Côn Đảo at Dat Doc Beach. The eco-friendly luxury accommodations look over the South China Sea, which you get a perfect view from the Ocean Front Duplex Pool Villa. During your stay, hire a guide to see the island’s best sites, like a 19th century hilltop lighthouse.

Pico, Portugal

Skeptical about the world being round, explorers in the 15th century once thought that Pico was at the end of the world. Located in Portuguese Azores’ Central Group, Pico remains almost unknown to the rest of the world, allowing its residents to enjoy uniquely exquisite wines and lava landscapes without interruptions.

In the middle of the Unesco-designated Madalena vineyards is Pocinhobay, the only luxury hotel in the area. The accommodations come in the form of basalt bungalows with views of the Atlantic. Ask the concierge to point you to the best polvo guisado (stewed octopus).

Rodrigues, Republic of Mauritius

Rodrigues, an autonomous Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean, is where Prince William goes for paparazzi-free holidays. As part of the Mascarene Islands, Rodrigues is in a shallow lagoon that’s surrounded by coral reef. The area is speckled with numerous uninhabited small islands and lush valleys, making it a true retreat for those who love nature, hiking, wind surfing and other water sports. Be sure to check out the giant Aldabra tortoises at the François Leguat Tortoise & Cave Reserve.

Book a Lagoon Room at the Tekoma Boutik Hotel Rodrigues and take advantage of its new Dive Centre between the months of May and October. The Dive Centre caters to all experience levels and gives you a closer look at the island’s untouched beauty.

La Maddalena, Italy

Just 20 minutes from Sadinia’s Palau’s port, La Maddalena is the largest of La Maddalena Islands and will remind you Capri. The island is like a seaside resort that features jagged pink cliffs, clear water in various shades of blue and isolated beaches. It’s also the 19th century home of Giuseppe Garibaldi, “Casa Bianca.”

Enjoy big-time luxury on the small island at La Casitta, an exclusive hideaway with two villas that are about a block from the sea. Hike on nearby trails and book one of La Casitta’s marine vessels and a skipper for fishing tours and trips to nearby islands, such as Corsica and Caprera.

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