Drohan Discusses Private Jet Charter in SUCCESS

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Solairus Aviation Chairman and CEO, Dan Drohan, was recently interviewed by Craig Hanson of SUCCESS Magazine about Solairus’ inspiring beginnings, the inspiration Drohan receives from his staff, and where the aircraft management and private jet charter company is heading in the near future.

“Getting the new business off the ground began with the philosophy, “If we build it, they will come.” With the belief that the strength of relationships between private jet charter clients and employees is a key element to success, Drohan has a sticker on his letter opener tray reading, “Willingness without action is fantasy.”

The management and private charter jet industry is still well below pre-2007 levels, but Drohan has seen “a significant uptick in aircraft acquisitions in the last eight to 10 months. This allows for growth without having to take business from each other.”

In addition to strong client relationships, two other factors have helped Solairus thrive: the , the resurgence of “financial road shows.” Companies seeking money and support in anticipation of going public need to charter planes to make calls on potential investors; as the economy improves, they’re increasingly chartering Solairus planes to conduct these intense, fast-paced “road shows.”

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