European Beach Private Jet Vacation Ideas

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Forget about the Caribbean, South Pacific and tropical Asian coastlines, when you want to visit some of the most clinquant beaches in the world, don’t overlook Europe’s crystal-clear waters and staggering cliffs. Whether you want to work on your tan in seclusion, sail the waters, make sandcastles or snorkel, take a private jet vacation over the Atlantic and dig your feet into the sands of the following glowing coasts:

Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Literally meaning “Dead Sea,” but officially translated as the “Blue Lagoon,” Turkey’s pebbled Ölüdeniz on the Turquoise Coast is known for its calm waters during the fiercest storms. The creamy white sands and iridescent emerald and sapphire waters where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet make Ölüdeniz famous for its paragliding opportunities, the hiking route along the Lycian Way (that eventually reaches the ancient city of Olympos) and endangered loggerhead sea turtles. Not to mention, Ölüdeniz is one of the top five beaches in the world. (

Lalária, Greece

Greece has hundreds of beaches, but when you seek something far-flung, take a private jet over, then arrange for a private yacht from Northrop & Johnson and head to Lalária, which means “pebble” in Greek. Only accessible by boat from the north Skiáthos shores, Lalária is best known for its sheer white cliffs, three sea-grottoes and unusual rock formations.  While the picturesque hollow rock is a popular attraction to see above the clear blue waters, there is second similar formation next to it under the water.  As the name suggests, Lalária couples its white sands with billions of pebbles, many which have beautiful striated patterns, so sandals are a must. If go you go on a particularly hot day, take a massage therapist along for one of the most unique hot-rock massages that you’ll ever experience. (

Playa de Ponente, Spain

Located in the province of Alicante, the Poniente (Ponente) area of Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca is home to one of the country’s less tourist-hectic beaches. This golden-sand beach will remind you of Miami with its cityscape in the backdrop, but Poniente is well known for being extremely clean, having an über laid-back atmosphere, acclaimable sand sculptures and for its amazing views of the Rock of Gibraltar. What more does a beach bum need? In the evening, head to the beach’s promenade and enjoy the musicians who serenade the beach-goers, local boutiques, cafés and bars.  (

 Praia da Galé, Portugal

With some of the softest golden sands in the word, rainbow-colored cliffs and cobalt waters, Praia de Galé in the Algarve region of Albufeira is a continuation of the beach at Armação de Pêra. While the area is now a posh, kid-friendly holiday destination, the once-agricultural town is still speckled with vineyards, olive plantations and orange groves. If you plan to lie on the beach to worship the sun, stick to Praia de Galé’s western shores. Otherwise, head east to spend a day exploring the spectacular rock formations, caves, grottoes and rocky tide pools. In the evening take in the photo-worthy landscape and watch the sun set below the distant cliffs.

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