Fly Private and Gain an Advantage in Business

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Flying private—all the leading businesses do it. While a private jet might seem like nothing more than a flashy way to travel to some, savvy business owners use it as a way to increase productivity, reduce costs, and outpace the competition. When time and money are the ultimate commodities, flying private helps you save both.

The Benefits of Flying Private

An important factor to keep in mind is that many businesses charter flights on private jets, rather than purchase and maintain aircraft. When you compare the price of a commercial plane ticket to a seat on a business jet, the costs may seem greatly disproportional. However, consider the values that private flights offer:

Save Time

When you take a commercial flight, you must plan for the time it takes to:

  • Drive to the airport
  • Check-in at the ticket counter
  • Check your bags
  • Get through security
  • Wait for your flight to arrive
  • Board the plane
  • Travel from Point A to Point B (don’t forget layovers)
  • Deplane
  • Retrieve checked luggage
  • Rent a car or wait for a ride
  • Drive to your final destination

Flying private reduces your time on the ground substantially. Once you arrive at the fixed-base operation or FBO, you simply check-in and board the plane. You do not have to deal with long lines or TSA, and the crew takes care of your bags, which you immediately receive when you land.

When you charter a business jet, you pay for the entire aircraft, not just the seat. The more passengers on the flight, the lower the cost per person is. When you consider the value of you and your company’s time, you’ll find that flying commercial may actually cost more than a chartered flight.

More Productive Travel

An aspect of private travel that professionals find attractive is the fact that the plane will not leave until you arrive. You never have to worry about missing a flight if you’re a bit late, so it’s OK if a meeting runs longer than expected. Because private planes can offer longer ranges than commercial airliners, you don’t have to experience time-consuming layovers that may or may not cause you to miss your next flight. Furthermore, private jets can travel at speeds that are faster than airliners, so it doesn’t take as long to reach your destination.

Private jets are often equipped with media centers, Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and communication equipment. Because you won’t have strangers surrounding you on a business jet, you can be exponentially more productive during a flight. You never have to wait until you touchdown to communicate with clients, check messages, and tend to important business matters. Many travelers report that they are more productive and feel less fatigued when they fly in a chartered jet.

Get Closer to Your Destination

Each state has a limited number of large airports that serve commercial airliners. As a result, flying commercial often involves numerous hours of road travel. Conversely, business jets have access to thousands of smaller airports across the U.S. This allows you to travel to an airport that’s minutes from your intended destination. Because of the versatility of private aircraft, you can visit multiple destinations in a single day, get more face time with key individuals, and sleep in your own bed the same night. Similarly, you can use a business jet to bring clients to you, a service that many appreciate.

Business jets are impression makers and risk mitigators, giving them a crucial role when you work so hard to nurture professional relationships. They are the secret tool that the most successful companies, particularly small and medium enterprises, use to get ahead of the competition, promote employee morale, and solve urgent problems quickly and efficiently. Learn more about the benefits of flying private by getting in touch with Solairus today.

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