International Restaurants for Your Bucket List

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From innovative food to unique settings, a lot goes into creating the perfect dining experience. Some restaurants take a simple approach, others employ fantastical theatrics. When chartering a flight for business or pleasure, if you find yourself in one of the cities listed below, make arrangements to experience a meal you’ll never forget.

Sublimotion | Ibiza, Spain

One of the world’s most expensive restaurants, Sublimotion offers a gastronomic performance by two-Michelin-star chef Paco Roncero. The 20-course meal comes with a coordinated light show that turns the dining area into a “space and time travel capsule” for a multisensory experience that combines art, food, and illusionism.

Schloss Schauesnstein | Fürstenau, Switzerland

Located within an 18th-century castle turned hotel in Switzerland’s Domleschg valley, three-Michelin-star Schloss Schauenstein trades modern opulence for classic romanticism. The menu is uncomplicated and focuses on pleasing the five senses. Meals range between three and six courses. Diner favorites include foie gras and langoustine.

Four Seasons Whistler | Whistler, British Colombia, Canada

The Four Seasons is known for its spectacular dining. The Whistler location takes extravagant dining to a new level with its high-altitude experience. The dining adventure begins with a helicopter ride to a remote glacier as you sip on Moet Ice. Upon landing, you’ll explore a 12,000-year-old brilliant-blue labyrinthine ice cave. A mixologist uses pure glacier ice to create signature specialties for a high-end cocktail hour. You’re then transported to a private residence with panoramic views for a memorable dinner prepared with premium meat cuts and locally sourced ingredients.

Kitcho Arashiyama | Kyoto, Japan

Modernizing classic flavors for a fresh twist on traditional dishes is Kitcho Arashiyama. Third-generation owner-chef Tokuoka Kunio makes fish take center stage during a tea-ceremony kaiseiki course meal. Guests are served in distinctive tearooms in the 100-year-old building along the Katsura River. The Chef’s OMAKASE Course is the restaurant’s finest full-course menu, featuring personalized dishes made with seasonal ingredients. A chef prepares your meal to perfection in your private tea room for an unparalleled dining experience.

Soneva Kiri | Koh Kood, Thailand

Beachfront, eco-minded resort Soneva Kiri offers adventurous guests new heights with its Treepod Dining experience. Guest are comfortably seating in a nest-like bamboo pod for four that’s hoisted into Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest canopy, giving you views of the boulder-covered shoreline. A personal waiter zip-lines to your pod to deliver wine and gourmet delights made with ingredients from the island’s organic garden.

Singapore Flyer | Singapore

Rotate 540 feet above ground in the world’s second-largest observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer. The operator offers a glitzy four-course meal with butler service in a private capsule. The hour-long experience features priority boarding and two rotations. Rotating menu items include octopus carpaccio, ribeye steak, abalone soup, and braised ee-fu noodles with Chinese zucchini and chestnuts.

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