The Latest Food and Drink Trends for Saavy Travelers

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The restaurant scene is constantly evolving. As you charter private jets from city to city, don’t pass up the opportunity to get in on these tasty food trends.


Foraged Foods

The desire to eat like a pioneer is at an all-time high. These days it isn’t enough for upscale restaurants to know the exact sources of their menu offerings or to develop a great relationship with the best local organic farmer. Some chefs now venture out into the forests and fields (or hire someone to do it) to bring patrons ingredients like mushrooms that are truly wild, flavorful roots, creative salad fixings and strange herbs.

Find culinary creations with foraged edibles at restaurants like:

Elizabeth Restaurant in Chicago, Ill.


East Meets West

Asian influences introduced the concept of noodles to the Italians. The Italians returned the favor with their own varieties of pasta dishes, which the people of Shanghai love. When your private jet lands in this Chinese city, you’ll find a handful of pasta and pizza restaurants that serve up Italian favorites in the traditional Asian family-style fashion so everyone can share.

Check out these Italian restaurants in Shanghai:


Dark, Leafy Greens

Thanks to American ex-pat Kristen Beddard’s Kale Project, restaurants and markets in France are filling their menus and produce stands with the super-food kale. While kale is a common green found throughout much of Europe, it was seemingly obsolete in France until recently.

Find this trendy ingredient at Paris restaurants such as:


Tasting Menus with Casual Dress Codes

Regardless of the formality of the dishes served, some areas of the U.S. just don’t do formal, like Portland or San Francisco. Now you can enjoy multi-course meals and leave the suit jacket behind.

Try the tasting menus at:


Tokyo Craft Beers

Trend-setters in Tokyo are serious about good beer, and craft beers are now the latest craze. Across the city, you’ll find taprooms with domestic and international microbrews.

Taste the craft brews at Tokyo taprooms like:


Artisan Country Hams

“Southern food” and “fancy” aren’t generally terms that go hand-in-hand. With the latest U.S. trend to label foods as “artisanal,” pork is getting a makeover. When you head down South, you’ll find country hams with supple textures and perfectly pink colors. The salt content is even lower, like the cured hams found in Europe.

Taste the pork delights at restaurant such as:


Native Foods in Australia

Many of Australia’s ingredients are the same that native Aboriginal people enjoyed before the Europeans settled on the continent in the late 1700s. Fine restaurants now use native ingredients as a way to reintroduce the flavors to its citizens and visitors in a manner that’s creative and harvested ethically. Ingredients include crocodile, wallaby, kangaroo, Tasmanian trout, Warrigal greens (similar to spinach), lemon Aspen, wattleseed (a seed that tastes like a blend of chocolate, hazelnut and coffee) and lemon myrtle.



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