Luxury Gift Giving—Buy Your Loved One a Private Flight Somewhere Exotic

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What’s worse than flying on a commercial flight? Flying on a commercial flight during the holidays. Everyone seems annoyed, in a hurry and uncomfortable. This season, skip the airport madness and give your loved one an unforgettable experience—a trip to an exotic destination that they’ll never forget.

Reasons to Fly Private during the Holidays

  • Time savings: When you fly commercial, you wait in countless lines—at the check-in counter, security gate, to buy food, to board the plane and in immigration. When you book a private flight, lines don’t exist. You simply board the private flight when you’re ready, enjoy the time in the air, land, and get in the car that awaits you at your destination. Plus, there are more small airports throughout the world than there are airports for commercial flights, so you’ll always arrive closer to your destination when you land, minimizing the travel time in a car between the airport and your vacation spot.


  • No connections: Private flights in jets with larger cabins can take you almost anywhere in the world without the need to refuel. You never have to worry about missing a connecting flight or lugging around carry-on bags.


  • Supreme comfort: When you fly private, you never knock elbows with the person sitting next to you. Your knees don’t press against the seat in front of you, and most of the seats recline at an angle that will make you feel instantly relaxed. Need to get up and stretch? No problem. Get up, walk around, stretch, twist and turn. When you’re tired, the seats on larger jets transform into beds.


  • Delicious food: When you fly private, you eat what you want when you want. You simply arrange the meals that you want in advance with the management company or flight attendant, making it the perfect way to surprise your loved one with a favorite holiday treat.


  • High quality service: Private planes have the best quality luxury interior furnishings, individualized attention, the highest safety standards in the industry and the greatest flexibility. There’s no other experience like it on Earth.

Ideas for Exotic Holiday Destinations

Great Blue Hole, Belize

A destination that’s far-flung, yet close to home, the Great Blue Hole off Belize’s crystal-clear coast is perfect for those who love SCUBA diving and marine life. You’ll love the breathtaking view when you fly over this wonder.

Photo by Eric Pheterson

Photo by Eric Pheterson

Cappadocia, Turkey

One of the most visually striking regions in Turkey, the ancient city of Cappadocia features a surreal moonscape formed by volcanic eruptions. This destination is great for those who love hiking or history, as the accordion-ridge valleys host rock-cut buildings, towering boulders, fairy chimneys, and ancient underground cities. Be sure to book a hot-air balloon ride.

Photo by Guillén Pérez

Photo by Guillén Pérez

Cook Islands

One of the best-kept secrets in the Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands consists of 15 islands. The nation is in free association with New Zealand. During the holiday season, the weather is warm and the waters are sumptuous. Bring home some of the finest woodcarvings in the world.

Photo by

Photo by


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