Petaluma, CA

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A riverside town just 32 miles north of San Francisco, Petaluma is in the North Bay region and California’s famed Sonoma County. Once known as the “egg basket of the world” because of its bustling egg industry, the city is now a foodie haven. Many call the wine country location home because of its prime location, peaceful setting, and amazing scenery.

What Makes Petaluma Great

Petaluma is one of California’s oldest cities with a heritage that includes Native American and Mexican settlements, the railroad expansion and the discovery of gold. Because it was built on solid bedrock, the city was one of the few area communities spared by the massive 1906 earthquake. Walking through its well-preserved downtown streets is like touring its storied past with a mix of lively boutiques, specialty stores, and historic buildings. Other factors that make Petaluma a great place to live include:

  • Vibrant culinary scene: Petaluma’s dining options include award-winning restaurants and ethnic cuisines made using the best, locally-grown products. The city also offers world-class wines, beers, ales, olive oils and artisan cheeses.
  • Proximity: From nature tripping in Marin County to wine tasting in Napa Valley to the Pacific coast, you don’t have to drive far to experience some of California’s best attractions.
  • Architecture: Petaluma has many well-preserved pre-1906 buildings and Victorian homes. The large stock of historic buildings have served as filming locations for numerous movies set in the early to mid-1900s.


Petaluma has an idyllic mild Mediterranean environment. The city experiences warm days and cool nights during the summer with average daytime temperatures in the low 80s. Winters are mild with daytime temperatures nearing 60 degrees.

Petaluma Neighborhoods

Petaluma has eight micro-communities, including:

  • Maker Alley: An industrial district on the northeast end where entrepreneurs craft beer, wine, spirits, bicycles and more.
  • Downtown: Historic Main-Street-like living with historic homes, vintage buildings, and walkable streets.
  • Waterfront: This mixed-use district on the river surrounds marshlands and features commercial spaces.
  • Adobe: Adobe is a friendly, quiet area with homes, parks and recreation areas, including Rancho Adobe State Park. The area is home to many vineyards and farms.
  • Oakhill Brewster: Filled with tree-lined streets, Oakhill Brewster gives a peek into the city’s past. It features original Craftsman, Queen Anne and Victorian homes that overlook downtown and the valley.
  • Western: Petaluma’s Park Place, this more affluent neighborhood has historic mansions, restored Victorian homes and newer subdivisions.
  • College: Planned developments and several shopping centers surround Santa Rosa Junior College’s Petaluma campus.
  • Midtown: Old and new meet in a central area of Petaluma where you’ll find compact homes from the 1950s.

Things to Do in Petaluma

  • Petaluma East-Side Farmers’ Market: Enjoy the bounty of the season—rain or shine—on Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Check out other area farmers’ markets.
  • Nightlife: By day, Petaluma is a quaint town. After the sun sets, its gets edgier with fringe music venues and speakeasies. The Big Easy is a hidden gem where live music takes center stage. Andresen’s Tavern is the city’s oldest bar where the head bartender, Helga, will challenge you to a game of cribbage if she likes you. Catch a variety of musical acts at the Phoenix Theatre, a former opera house. A local hotspot, Jamison’s Roaring Donkey mixes cocktails and creativity.
  • The great outdoors: When it comes to nature, Petaluma has it all. Deluxe camping experiences are just miles away. Marshlands are in and around the city’s wetlands, making them ideal spots for hiking, bird watching, bike riding, walking and running for those of all experience levels. Petaluma has a couple of greens that are popular among golf enthusiasts, too.
  • Wine, spirits, and craft brews: Petaluma’s spirits, beers, and wines are among the best in the county. Check out a tasting experience.

Considering making Petaluma home? Check out the employment opportunities at Solairus HQ, located in downtown Petaluma.

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