Private Charter Jet Trip To the Baja Peninsula

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The Baja Peninsula’s immense beauty never ceases to amaze. The roaring waves of the Pacific. The colossal rocks rising seemingly out of nowhere in Cataviña. The blond shorelines that flirt with the Sea of Cortez’s capricious waters—sometimes azure, sometimes emerald. Baja endlessly produces wonder after wonder for our private charter jet travelers.

Espíritu Santo, the crown jewel of the Sea of Cortez’s nearly 1,000 islands and a World Heritage site. Trek down to the marina-facing offices of Cabo Expeditions, an activities company that specializes in conservation and connecting travelers with nature and meet with a dozen or so tourists—ranging in age from twentysomething to 77 and coming from as far away as New York—and Cabo Expeditions’ expert guides:  geologists, marine biologists, ornithologists, and professional divers.

The guides—led by the charismatic, ridiculously knowledgeable, and fluidly English-speaking Beto Romero—ushers guests into a spacious bus, were you’ll set off for Tecolote, a beach outside La Paz. The trip there takes nearly three hours, including a leisurely, gab-filled stop at a roadside restaurant for a traditional Mexican breakfast. Once at Tecolote, you’ll be assigned wetsuits and snorkel gear and then climbed aboard a boat captained by an ebullient local.

The itinerary will take you around the island (there are actually two, which are collectively known as Espíritu Santo), and make stops along the way to explore mesmerizingly beautiful caves and landmarks. All the while, Beto will explain the history of the island, the geology, and its people. Fault lines are pointed out, flora and fauna identified, and fishing camps contextualized.

Jumping into the water, you’ll be greeted by playful and not-at-all-shy sea lions, coral reefs will come alive with bright-colored eels, and starfish of all shades will keep you and your underwater camera busy!

Come lunchtime, you’ll be treated to tostadas with marlin ceviche and escabeche on a pristine beach. The rest of the trip around Espíritu Santo and back to Tecolote will be punctuated with extraordinary whale sightings.

Rinsing off the sand and salt, slip gracefully out of our wetsuits, and climb back into the bus for the quiet return to Cabo. Some of your traveling companions will nap, others will click through pictures on their digital cameras, and still others will plot their private charter jet return trip.

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