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No matter what time of year it is, it always seems like it’s the season to start getting in shape. Exercise, however, is about more than getting rid of your winter or vacation chub. It’s a commitment to your health that has long-lasting benefits, making it one of the best investments ever. When you need a boost in your routine, want to learn a new activity or seek the motivation to get moving, pack your private jet and head to luxury fitness retreat.

The Oaks at Ojai |Ojai, California

The Oaks is a true fitness destination spa in southern California that doesn’t give you the chance to cheat. Its wellness program includes 15 different fitness classes a day, seminars, evening entertainment and meals that won’t bust your efforts to eat healthy. Physical activities at the Oaks are so fun that you won’t even notice that you’re exercising. They include guided kayak tours, belly dancing, qi gong, yoga ropes, hula-hoops, rock climbing, hiking and in-line skating. If you seek a fitness challenge, take the On the Ball fitness class that uses a stability ball to improve your balance, work on your core strength and test muscles that you never knew existed. (

Lumeria | Maui, Hawaii

The next time you charter a private jet to Hawaii, check out the Lumeria. A boutique resort, Lumeria prides itself on being a “sanctuary for authentic transformational travel.” Housed on a former plantation from the early 1900s, the retreat offers meditation gardens, a yoga studio and six acres of tropical and edible gardens. In addition to yoga classes, Lumeria offers snorkeling, SCUBA diving and classes that teach you to surf or stand-up paddle (paddleboard). If you have a green thumb, or wish you did, take the horticulture classes to learn more about where your food comes from and how to grow your own garden. (

BeachFit | Koh Samui, Thailand

Head to the southwest coast of Thailand and get healthy at the luxury retreat BeachFit. While the fitness programs are challenging, they’re also fulfilling and fun. The retreat has you wake up early to start the day with cardio, yoga, snorkeling and core strength training. Take a break in the evening for a spa treatment or massage and then enjoy an outdoor movie in the evening. The Thai-inspired cuisine is always guilt-free, and your stay includes an initial health assessment and a personalized fitness and nutrition program that you can take home. (

The Golden Door Health Retreat| Queensland, Australia

The Golden Door spa brand offers one of the most respected health retreats on the continent. The programs take a holistic approach to helping you change your eating habits, learn the best types of exercise for you and face the challenges of life. A typical day at the Golden Door involves starting the morning with Tai Chi Qi Gong, followed by a guided walk. After breakfast, do some gentle stretches and then participate in a wellness workshop. After participating in an exercise activity and indulging in a massage, you have the rest of the day to yourself.  During your stay, you’ll meet with a trained wellness coach who helps you learn to transform your lifestyle into one that’s healthy. Fitness activities include boxing, deep water running, interval training, bush walks and different types of dance and martial arts. The seminars offer information about heart disease and cancer prevention, how to break bad habits, general health and nutrition. (

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