Hotel Room Service, Above & Beyond

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Luxury hotels aren’t cheap. When you stay at one, you choose it for its amenities. Perhaps the accommodation offers gourmet treats for your pooch, a Fender guitar that you can borrow for your own private jam sessions or in-room art lessons. The following is a collection of exclusive services that some of the finest hotels in the world offer.

Giant Bowl Made of Cheese

If cheese is your passion, charter a privet jet to Saint Barthelemy book a room at the Hôtel Le Toiny. Upon request, you get a huge wheel of Parmigianino-Reggiano delivered to your room from which a chef/cheese sculptor carves a bowl in the middle. The chef then adds spaghetti and black truffles into the formaggio basin for a meal that beats macs ‘n’ cheese any day. (

Luxury Sleep Menu

Cure your insomnia at the Conrad Chicago. While it’s not unusual to find a sleep menu in upscale hotels, the Conrad takes catching Zs to a new level. In addition to offering a pillow menu and turndown service, the hotel gives you a choice of sleep-inducing elixirs and nightcaps, like SleepyHead, a calming herbal drink with gaba, valerian root and melatonin. Take advantage of the moisturizing treatments, special pillows with built-in speakers that play your favorite lullabies or a sleep sound machine. (

Grilling Favorites

If you miss home cooking while visiting the Southwest, take your private jet to in Sedona, Arizona and stay at the Enchantment Resort. Book one of the Casita (which means “little house” in Spanish) suites, which have an outdoor deck with a grill. The hotel offers you BBQ favorites that are rubbed with spices and ready to grill, like lamb chops and filet mignon. (

Bespoke Sack Lunch

If you need to eat and run, consider a stay at the Four Seasons. The luxury hotel chain now offers 86 properties with “15-Minute Room Service.” Choose your favorite menu items and pick up your to-go meal as you walk out the door. The hotel can also give the meal to your driver so you can enjoy it on the way to your private jet or a game of golf. (

Experience Culture

If you love to travel for the cultural experiences, book a luxury villa at the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Get a yoga lesson taught by a local yogi master. Then learn how to tie a sari and about the apparel’s significance with a private tying session. (

Personally Made Soap

When you stay in Quintana Roo in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the Soap Concierge at the Hotel Esencia will help make sure that inn pleases all your senses. After learning your preferences, the concierge crafts a handmade bar of soap using ingredients like oatmeal, rosemary, aloe vera and honey. (

Something for the Kids

When you go on holiday with the little ones, head to the Surf & Sand Resort in Orange County, California. The Mediterranean-style accommodation offers a posh family package with milk and cookies for the whole family and freshly baked s’mores. At night, the staff pitches a fun tent in your room for the kids to have an indoor campout. (

For Letter Writers

If you’re into the lost art of letter-writing, don’t pass up the L’And Vinyards Resort in Montemor-o-Novo in Alentejo, Portugal. The wine country resort is a full-service oenology retreat that has a retractable ceiling that lets you sleep under the stars. The resort matches your celestial experience with stationery that you won’t find elsewhere—black paper speckled with stars and a special pencil that leaves your silver scrawls on it. (

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