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Paddleboarding in the mountains

A woman paddleboarding in the mountains. Photo Credit: Cathleen Calkins.

Ride the wave of paddling’s fastest growing sport by giving stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, a try. Once you do, you won’t find it surprising that SUP has won the battle of paddlesports. People of all ages and levels are standing tall and cruising waterways. While the sport first came into its own in Hawaii, mountain towns have successfully adopted SUP because of its fun application on the calm, clear waters found in alpine environments. Here’s some advice on top private jet mountain vacation destinations to SUP.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is to stand up paddleboarding like surfing is to Hawaii; it’s just a natural fit. And Lake Tahoe offers every level of paddleboarder, from newbie to expert paddler, an experience that is memorable. Not only for the mountain views but the scene below the board: Tahoe’s water clarity is one of the best in the world. Plus, the north end of the lake delivers one sandy beach after another. Nearby Kings Beach is a perfect launch site – shallow, warm waters and easy access to Crystal Bay Point State Beach, a half hour paddle away. A Drift Tahoe offers rentals and the convenience of a nearby launch zone. (

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Spectacular Jackson Lake inside Grand Teton National Park is the place to paddle in Wyoming. When you not staring at the granite faces of the Park’s storied peaks, look to the calm waters. Wilds and wildlife abound, from beaver lodges and sunken remains of a forest to osprey and bald eagle nests, and whatever else is lining up at the water’s edge (think moose and bear). Rendezvous River Sports in Jackson rents SUPs. (

Steamboat Springs

At 8,100 feet above sea level, Steamboat Lake soars almost as high as region mountaintops. Take in the continental divide during an early morning paddle. Late summer water temps crest at a perfectly refreshing 70 degrees and provide a cool catch as you dive from your board. Ski Haus in downtown rents paddleboards. (


Under the shadow of Colorado’s fourteen thousand foot peaks Telluride probably offers the most scenic options. Trout Lake, just 15 minutes from down town, and Woods Lake, 20 minutes from town, supply calm waters, quiet shoreline, and alpine splendor. Both sit at the center of captivating valleys making stand up paddle boarding as much about the activity as it is about the views. Jagged Edge on Main Street offers paddleboard rentals and guided tours. (

Park City

While Park City is known for arts, culture and forested slopes, the region is also becoming a haven for private jet travelers to test their SUPprowess at Jordanelle State Park. Jordanelle Reservoir is a scenic 15-minute drive east of Park City and delivers a myriad of options, from paddling shoreline marshes looking for wildlife to striking out in open water with stunning views of the Wasatch Range. Jordanelle Rentals has paddleboards for rent. (

Sun Valley

If your desire is to see less people and more wildlife, Sun Valley, Idaho might have the answer. While cold, calm waters come with altitude so do views of the Sawtooth Mountains. Sun Valley’s nearby alpine lakes, Redfish, Alturas and Pettit, deliver in spades. For a warmer paddle head south of town to Magic Reservoir; water temps here hover in the 60s. Remember, warm water in the mountains is relative. Rent paddleboards at Idaho River Sports in Ketchum. (

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