Productivity While Flying Private

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Flying private is great for business! Studies consistently show that a business jet, whether it’s a chartered flight or private plane, is more than a luxury—it’s a necessity. While thousands of commercial flights are available, they’re not practical in an increasingly global, fast-paced economy. A trip across the country can take up to 10 hours or more using commercial airlines. In a private business jet, you can visit multiple cities and still make it home for dinner. Because of the productivity enhancements that private flights offer, business aircrafts are a sign of a well-managed enterprise.

Productivity Benefits of Flying Private

  • Improved focus: According to No Plane No Gain, up to 66 percent of individuals on business planes report being more productive in the air than in the office.
  • Improved employee morale: 86 percent of the companies listed in Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Places to Work” use private aircrafts. Giving employees access to business aircraft improves the workplace environment. When employee morale is higher, workers have a greater sense of pride, value and ownership in a company, prompting them to produce great work. The enhanced productivity ultimately translates into increased profits and greater enterprise value.
  • Save time: Flying private allows you to visit multiple destinations in a single day, especially since business aircrafts can land at airports that commercial airliners don’t service. This is nearly impossible with other types of transportation. A 2013 NEXA study reported time savings of 50 to 70 percent when flying private compared to commercial flights.
  • Greater collaboration: Private planes can serve as mobile offices in which employees can meet and work privately. Commercial flights do not offer a secure environment that’s free of physical threats, eavesdropping or industrial espionage. On a business aircraft, you always know who your fellow passengers are.
  • Stay connected: During the length of private flights, employees can connect to the Internet and make phone calls to anywhere in the world.
  • Fewer baggage limitations: Many tools, materials and sensitive items that are not simple to transport on commercial flights are no problem on business aircrafts.
  • New business opportunities: The ability to reach a destination quickly in a private aircraft opens more doors to new business opportunities. In 2010, NEXA reported that these new opportunities contributed to a 22 percent higher average revenue growth.
  • Improved customer access and retention: When customers expect companies to keep up with their changing needs without skipping a step, business aviation makes this to happen. Time is a limited resource, and private flights allow companies to meet with customers as quickly as their schedules allow.
  • Maintain shareholder value: Because companies that use business aircraft are more productive, they outperform the competition. This proved to be a great advantage during economic difficulties that the U.S. faced in 2008 and 2009, as 69 percent of small- and medium-size enterprises that use business aircrafts reported greater top line growth during this period.

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