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Solairus Aviation Actively Developing iPad and iPhone Apps

Initial release on schedule for a September distribution date.

August 31, 2010


Solairus Aviation is pleased to announce that all-new Solairus apps for Apple’s iPad and iPhone have passed the initial phases of development and will soon be ready for distribution. Utilizing the latest Apple iOS SDK technology, the Solairus iPad/iPhone applications will be fed Solairus’ charter fleet data from IPC Logistics powered Oasis 5.0, giving users the ability to see availability status updates in real time. A charter flight quotation tool and aircraft-specific details, as well as several features that will aid and assist Solairus employees and flight crew personnel will also be included in the initial release. By simultaneously focusing on clients and employees, developers are working to ensure that the Solairus iPad/iPhone apps become powerful hand held extensions of the company-wide enterprise system.

The application will be offered at no cost and will be available for download at in late September.

Solairus President John King sees the iPad/iPhone apps as an extension of the company’s core philosophy.

“Because our clients and our employees are the heart of Solairus, we always strive to focus on the human aspect of the business.” King said. “So when we studied our website’s analytics that showed a significant number of visitors using Apple’s iPad and iPhone, we knew we needed to have a tool in place for that audience. Most of our employees use these products as well, so again, it made good business sense to give them something they could use to help make their job more manageable. We believe that technology should be embraced and we will continue to use new innovations to help our charter and management clients, and our employees, conduct business in the most efficient manner available.”

About Solairus Aviation

Solairus is a full-service private aircraft management and charter company that provides clients with expertise in acquiring and operating a wide range of private aircraft.

With a fleet of nearly 50 managed aircraft, Solairus is one of only 71 Aviation Research Group/US Platinum-rated charter operators in the world. After completion of an intense operations, maintenance, and safety systems audit by accredited industry experts, the ARG/US Platinum rating is only awarded to those operators who have demonstrated that their procedures meet or exceed industry “Best Practices” in all phases. Solairus Aviation has also received the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and is an IS-BAO certified aviation company.

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About IPC Logistics

IPC Logistics is an industry recognized name in providing complete Aviation Data Solutions to a wide range of aviation clients. From Charter to Private Ownership, IPC has been providing Application Hosting, Integration and Aviation Data Logistics for over 6 years.

IPC Logistics is the “home” for FOS and over 2300 users of this application trust IPC for their FOS Hosting. Within the OASIS Network, over 1100 Crew are Scheduled, 400 Aircraft Scheduled/Flown and more than 200 Flight Schedulers accessing our hosted solutions each day! The software IPC hosts move this industry. Our Aviation Data Solutions currently deliver over 7,000,000 records of data securely and efficiently to and from our clients each day!


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