Solairus Aviation Marks Five Years in Business

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300% Growth in Gross Revenue, Fleet of over 70 Aircraft, and Over 400 Employees Highlight Solairus’ Ascension.

San Francisco, CA (Aug 21, 2014) –

2014 marked the fifth year in business for Solairus Aviation, a private aircraft management and charter operator based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. In that short time, Solairus has become one of the private aviation industry’s most highly regarded companies – a feat made all the more impressive by the unfortunate business climate that ravaged the private jet industry in the wake of the financial crisis during 2007-2008.

“When we launched the company in 2009, the industry pundits naturally weighed in, potential clients shared their honest opinions, and friends and family members offered free advice,” Dan Drohan, Solairus Chairman and CEO said. “We knew it was risky starting a business in the private aviation space during such tumultuous times. As expected, everyone had some level of concern.

“In the middle of so much uncertainty, we – of course – shared some of the same concerns. Ultimately, though, we were far too enthusiastic and optimistic about the opportunity that presented itself to allow anything to hold us back. We knew that we had the right team, the right approach and philosophy, and most importantly, the passion necessary to build something incredible.

“Five years later, I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished and I think we truly have built something remarkable and enduring.”

While often choosing to focus on client and employee satisfaction, Drohan is typically averse to quantifying success by having others tally up the ledger or comparing Solairus to its competitors. However, the full extent of the story behind Solairus’ first five years of business must include these stunning statistics:

Solairus Aviation’s nationwide fleet has grown to over 70 private aircraft, ranging from King Air 200s to the Ultra-High-Range Gulfstream G550s.

Solairus essentially began with just a handful of employees, including Drohan and current Vice-Chairman, Jake Cartwright. Five years later, Solairus employs 430 full and part-time professionals throughout the United States.

Starting with two offices; one in Petaluma, CA and a satellite office in Burlingame, Solairus now has office spaces and hangar locations in over 20 states.

Solairus has been consistently profitable for three straight years.
Drohan is quick to point out that the real story behind these numbers is the dedicated team of professionals that “Bleed Solairus Blue” (a reference to the company’s blue and gold colors and homage to their exceptionally dedicated staff). “Early on, everyone understood that our new company had to be based on the fundamental ideas that people are our single most important asset, client relationships are everything, and that safety is the number one service we provide.”

“We had to swiftly prove ourselves to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and to the industry as a whole,” explains Rene Cervantes, Vice President of Maintenance at Solairus. “We were by ourselves in a small office in Petaluma and we had to build everything from the ground up.

“Since those early days in 2009, we have earned all of the industry’s most rigorous safety and operational certifications and have consistently built on the foundations of those early successes.”

Solairus safety and operational milestones include:


·      Part 135 certificate from the FAA

·      Received worldwide operation authorization

·      Approval for 10+ passengers during Part 135 operations

·      Earned initial ARG/US Platinum and IS-BAO certifications


·      WYVERN Wingman Certified

·      ARG/US Platinum renewal

·      Earned Stage 2 and Stage 3 IS-BAO certifications

For Chief Financial Officer, Mark Dennen, Solairus’ secret to success has been the company’s early efforts to construct a solid foundation for disciplined growth.

“Growing your business merely for the sake of growth itself has plagued the aviation industry for decades,” added Dennen. “We knew that we had to invest in our infrastructure before we could take on more clients. Those investments have served us extremely well and we continue to strengthen and develop our program every day. We are very well positioned for the future.

“We’ve significantly added to our managed fleet of aircraft in the last 12 months, and that rate of growth could not have been possible had we not taken proactive steps to ensure that we would be able to handle increased workload.”

So what do the next five years for Solairus Aviation look like? According to Drohan, the answer to that question is similar to the answer he gave the critics and the concerned five years ago.

“In 2009, there was a genuine need in the market for a new player with a fresh approach – and we had the right people with the drive and motivation necessary to make our collective vision a reality. As we look to the future, we will continue to invest heavily in our own workforce, strive to remain nimble and entrepreneurial, and we’re going to work on expanding our capabilities with solutions that will further enhance our ability to provide outstanding service in the safest environments possible.”

About Solairus Aviation:
Solairus is a US-based private aviation services company whose core business is assisting aircraft owners with the safe, reliable, and efficient management and operation of their aircraft. Our services are customized to meet the client’s individual travel and financial requirements, and to support their flight operation with the highest standards of safety and personalized service, regardless of the location of the aircraft.

Solairus was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Solairus has over twenty-five base locations nationwide, employing more than 400 hundred flight crew and support personnel to operate a fleet currently numbering over seventy aircraft. Solairus is an Aviation Research Group/US Platinum-Rated and Wyvern Wingman certified charter operator. Solairus has also received the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and is an IS-BAO Stage Three certified company. Solairus offers a full range of services in addition to aircraft management, which includes aircraft charter sales, aviation support services, and consulting.

For more information about Solairus Aviation, visit or call 800-359-7861.


Solairus Aviation Media Contact:

Eric Wildt
D 707.775.2788

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