Solairus Signs “Lucky 13” Private Jets in Twelve Months

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Solairus Signs “Lucky 13″ Private Jets in Twelve Months

Thirteen aircraft management clients worldwide respond to Solairus’ adaptive, people-centric management model.


San Francisco (Oct 29, 2012) –


In the past twelve months, Solairus Aviation has added thirteen aircraft to the company’s management fleet, including ten aircraft based domestically, two jets based in Europe, and one in Singapore, Solairus’ first managed account in that country. The latest updates to the roster include seven Gulfstreams, two Global Express jets, two Falcon 2000s, one Hawker 800XP, and one Citation Sovereign.


Solairus senior management credits the company’s dedicated team members and their ability to provide individually tailored solutions to the complex and diverse set of needs that each aircraft owner brings. Solairus CEO, Dan Drohan, points out that the firm’s unique approach to aircraft management has been fully embraced by the company’s entire fleet.


“I believe that one of the most impressive aspects of our recent growth is that each one of our clients represents a unique challenge to our team, and new opportunities allow the organization to learn and become better and better over time, ultimately improving the experience for everyone,” Drohan said. “Our belief is that a ‘one size fits all’ mentality cannot possibly serve the sophisticated and comprehensive needs of all of our aircraft owners. You must embrace a philosophy that is deeply rooted in safety and service, while allowing flexibility and customization, in order to offer an adaptable and reactive management service that can meet each client’s individual needs.”


“Another impressive aspect that is easily overlooked by some is that we do not purchase any aircraft ourselves, merely putting them into fleet service,” Drohan continued. “These new management accounts, like the other 50-plus in our fleet, are owned by individuals across the country and around the world. By choosing Solairus, they are entrusting us with a lot more than just a significant asset – they are entrusting us with their families, their friends, their most important employees, and the global competitiveness of their business. It is an enormous responsibility that we take very seriously – and it is an honor and a tremendous source of pride for the Solairus team every time a new client tells us that they have elected to put their faith in us.”


About Solairus Aviation:


Solairus is a full-service aviation asset management company that provides clients with expertise in acquiring and operating a wide range of private aircraft.


Solairus Aviation is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and has over twenty-five base locations across the United States and Europe. Solairus is an Aviation Research Group/US Platinum-rated charter operator with a fleet of over 50 managed aircraft. After completion of an intense operations and safety systems audit, the ARG/US Platinum rating has only been awarded to 5% of the world’s charter operators that have demonstrated that their procedures meet or exceed industry “Best Practices” in all phases. Solairus has also received the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and is an IS-BAO certified company. Solairus offers a full range of services in addition to aircraft management, which includes aircraft charter sales, aviation support services, and consulting. For more information about Solairus Aviation, visit or call 800-359-7861.




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