Summer Yachting Destinations

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This is the summer to explore. While you can travel the world in a private jet, a yacht helps to experience it with an up-close view. Water covers over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, so there is a lot to see. One of the best ways to do this is with a yacht. Better yet, a megayacht—a graceful estate that floats on water. Whether you sail around the world in one or traverse a region, moor it at the best marinas, those equipped for your lifestyle. The Mediterranean, Caribbean and Indian Ocean are well-known hotspots for yachters. The following are some new summer destinations to consider.

Baltic Sea

Photo by Geirangerfjord

Photo by Geirangerfjord

Located in northern Europe, the Baltic Sea will take you to countries like Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Russia. The area hides a trove of delights, beautiful sights and hedonistic pursuits waiting for you to discover them. Nowhere else on Earth will you find similar captivating landscapes carved by water. The grand palaces, medieval towns, Viking history and unique customs add to the region’s fascination.

Ideas of place to sail to include:

  • The Nordlandic Theater: Northern Norway, from Bergen to Kirkens. As you venture through the Geirangerfjord region and Arctic Circle, the summer’s northern lights will add to the magic.
  • Scandanavian shores: Cruise from Olso to Copenhagen.


Photo by Frontierofficial

Photo by Frontierofficial

An often-overlooked yachting destination, Africa has an unmatched plethora of sights, natural wonders and activities. The continent is huge, making its waters a perfect place to return to in the future.

  • Red Sea and Egypt: Steeped in ancient treasures and glowing beaches, this northeast African region is as historic as it is soul moving. While they seem landlocked, Egypt’s pyramids are closer to the water than you might think. Make your way north through the Red Sea to the Nile for a different view of one of the world’s greatest wonders.
  • Mozambique: Located along the southeastern tip of the continent, Mozambique has great fishing, indulgent beaches and a colorful culture. For an escape, moor at Bazaruto or Quirimbas.
  • South Africa: Full of balmy coastal towns, South Africa is a splendid yachting rarity. Take some time to tour its rolling vineyards, urban nightlife and cosmopolitan cities.
  • Madagascar: An island with entrancing wildlife, Madagascar is rich with warm hospitality, serene beaches and plenty of opportunities to relax.

Middle East

Photo by PRO Francisco Anzola

Photo by PRO Francisco Anzola

A place of exotic traditions, natural resources and magnificent beauty, the Middle East will astound you. While some countries still fight over boundary lines, the land is equally beautiful when you see it from the deck of a yacht. Exploring the waters in this region is a rewarding adventure, as they will take you to significant cities, such as Jerusalem, Damascus, Dubai and Baghdad—the birthplaces of the world’s greatest religions. History enthusiasts will not be disappointed.

The variety of countries to moor in is as diverse as the waters that surround them. Don’t let the region’s controversies get in the way of meeting its gracious residents and hospitable locales. You’ll find the spellbinding landscapes to be lavish and unobtrusive.

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