Tanzania, Africa

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Embodying the Africa of your dreams, Tanzania is a legendary travel destination that would take a lifetime to explore. It’s also a land of natural dichotomies. The great plains team with legendary game. Snow-capped mountains house rainforests.  Pristine beaches with sparkling blue hues and colorful coral reefs are covered in powdery white sand. Tanzania isn’t a place you charter a private jet to just once. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure destination where the outcome of your choices will always be an exciting exploit.


More than 25 percent of Tanzania’s lands are devoted to more game reserves and national parks than any other wildlife destination on the planet. Taking you back to the days of early Western explorers, the land has a sense of timelessness with plains of grass that never seem to end, an abundance of game and a vibrate bird life.

Abercrombie & Kent offers bespoke safari adventures in northern Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park that will take you to the edge of the unforgettable Ngorongoro Crater and the beaches of Zanzibar. During the trip, you’ll start at the Arusha Coffee Lodge in a tranquil coffee plantation. A private driver will introduce you to local cultures and wildlife as you make your way through the national park’s wooded savannah and wetlands, checkout conservation projects, and visit nearby villages. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the Ngorongoro Crater and the planes of the Serengeti, where you may encounter black rhinos, bull elephants, lions, cheetahs, and wildebeest. The holiday ends with a quick hop to Zanzibar, where you’ll stay at a luxury resort where bare feet are always in style.

Snow-Capped Mountains

If you’re more into chimpanzees, head to the mountains. &Beyond takes you to the Mahale Mountains National Park along the banks of Lake Tanganyika to search for the elusive ape. As one of the only two protected areas for the primates in the country, the Mahale Mountains is home to the largest chimp population. It’s also the only park where chimpanzees and lions coexist. Knowledgeable guides will take you on walking tours in search of resident troops.

If you’re up for a physical challenge, &Beyond also offers a guided trek up Mount Kilimanjaro with porters who will carry all your personal gear. All you have to worry about is summiting. At night, you’ll sleep in a weatherproof high-tech dome tent in an overnight camp run by an experienced crew that ensures you always have a warm, dry place to sleep and eat. Guides also provide tea, coffee, and hot chocolate throughout the climb to keep you hydrated.


Tanzania shares its eastern border with the Indian Ocean, providing a beautiful escape. Famous for its spices, Zanzibar is a series of small islands off the country’s northern coast and a destination unto itself with twisting mangroves, emerald palms, white sandy beaches, and emerald waters accented by brilliant coral reefs. The semi-autonomous part of the country has a long trading history with its Arab, Indian, and Indonesian neighbors, who influences are seen in the stunning architecture.

Jacada Travel offers a luxury travel package that highlights the beauty of the archipelago’s landscape and cultures. The company offers a choice of boutique hotels and arranges everything you need for a getaway that’s as thrilling or relaxing as you please. Go on a cultural tour of Stone Town. Book a fishing expedition or traditional boat tour. Try kitesurfing. Grab a pair of goggles and a snorkel to explore the watery world beneath the waves. Catch a glimpse of the rare red colobus of Zanzibar. Or, simply soak up the sun and let the sand settle between your toes.

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