Great Photos On Your Next Charter Trip

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Some people collect souvenirs when they travel. Others collect beautiful images. Taking pictures during a trip is a great way to capture memories and the essence of a destination, giving you something to look back on and enjoy for the rest of your life. Whether you have a fancy digital camera or a humble smartphone, using these tips will help you better capture your subjects when you charter a flight to anywhere in the world.

Tips for Taking Envy-Worthy Photos

Mind the Light

One of the simplest, most overlooked tips is to shoot in good lighting. When taking pictures outside, the best light is during sunset or sunrise. Photos taken pre-sunrise and post-sunset can also look stunning. Keep in mind that some ocean scenes look great with midday sun as the light brings out vibrant colors.

Take shots from different angles or postures. Take lots of pictures. Thanks to digital storage capabilities, it’s easy to simply delete photos that didn’t meet your expectations.

Don’t forget about talking to local residents about the best places to get a sunset or sunrise shot. They’ve seen the destination from more angles than you have.

Try Candid Shots

Staged photos where people pose for a shot have their place. They can also be boring. Evoke a sense of a destination with candid shots that capture real moments and the feelings behind them.

Bring a Tripod

It’s essential to keep a camera still when taking pictures. A tripod helps you do this. Depending on the type of lighting you’re shooting in, you might need to keep a camera still for several seconds. This is particularly true when taking pictures when light levels are low.

A tripod is also helpful when you want to master the art of taking selfies. Most cameras, including those on cell phones, have timers, making it simple to stage the perfect shot.

Many digital cameras are also compatible with wireless remotes that snap a pic with the push of a button, eliminating the need to run into place after setting a timer. Remotes are also handy when it comes to nighttime shots because they eliminate accidental camera movements when taking a picture.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

Whether you paint or take photographs, one of the most important rules of composition is the rule of thirds. The basic principle behind this rule is to break an image down into thirds horizontally and vertically so there are nine equal parts. Placing a photo’s subject along the lines or where the lines intersect instead of the center of a shot will help an image look more natural and balanced.

When using a smartphone or digital camera, you might notice four intersecting lines when you look in the viewfinder or on the preview screen. Use the grid to apply the rule of thirds to your pictures. The lines also help ensure elements in a photo are straight, such as the edge of the water in a sunset shot.

Pay Attention to the Foreground, Background, and Midground

When composing a shot, particularly landscapes, think about the different elements in the foreground, background, and midground. Photographs are two-dimensional images. Using elements in any of the three areas helps provide interest and a sense of scale. If taking a photo of a mountain, for example, include the cabin at its foot (midground) or the distance of the valley below (foreground) to give viewers a better understanding of its size. These smaller elements will help you take more pleasing, balanced images.

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