Top Active Private Jet Vacation Destinations

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Hiking is an outstanding way to incorporate movement into your vacation and to take in the local scenery, too. (Photo Credit: Bryon Powell)

Every private jet vacation has a purpose, or two, or perhaps three. Some are oriented toward utter relaxation and disconnecting from real life while others are geared for a particular physical activity, like golf or skiing. For folks seeking a movement-based vacation, here’s a list of top active destinations and the activities that make them special.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for both its jungles and beaches. When you take a private jet to the jungle, go on foot once you land. Hike on the trail networks of the country’s innumerate national parks among large flower blossoms and, if you’re lucky, monkeys! Once you are on the beach, embrace surfing. The surf off Costa Rica’s shore varies, but dozens of learner waves are out there, as is high-quality instruction. You haven’t had a vacation workout until you’ve tried surfing.

Jackson Hole

Under the snow blanket of winter, Jackson is a skiing playground. Enthusiasts enjoy town’s two downhill resorts as well as miles of groomed trails for Nordic skiing. By summer, embrace mountain biking on Jackson Hole’s sweet singletrack.


When in Maui, do as the locals do and spend your vacation in the water. It matters not what water sports you indulge in: surfing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, body boarding, or just plain swimming. The Pacific Ocean awaits you!


By winter, Tahoe is a downhill skiing paradise with a massive amount of ski-able acreage, huge volumes of snow, and terrain suitable for everyone. When the snow melts and the roads clear, Tahoe becomes a supreme road biking destination. From bike lanes to ample services, to beaches around every corner, road biking around the shores of spectacular Lake Tahoe is an experience you won’t forget.


Much of Peru’s land area is swallowed by the high-altitude Andes Mountains. All over the range, trails link modern villages, historical features, and wilderness. A trekking private jet vacation in Peru can be scaled to each person’s interest and ability, from a half-day hike to an archaeological site, to a multi-day trek through a Peruvian national park.

To explore these and other active vacation destinations, be sure to check out the Inspirato Destinations Summary. This will kick start your vacation dreaming! Once you choose your destination, a Destination Concierge will help you plan your activity-based vacation.

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