Top Steakhouses in the World

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When cooked correctly, a good slab of beef can make for one of the most enjoyable meals. The quest for a perfectly marbled, exquisitely seared steak can be just as exciting. From cooking temperatures to how the cows were treated to seasonings, there are a variety of factors that go into a mouthwatering slice of meat. While there are dozens of amazing steakhouses you can fly to in a private jet, the ones listed here are hailed as uncommonly superb.

Love Steak, Eat Here

Aragawa | Tokyo, Japan

Aragawa is a humble restaurant in a nondescript office building where the vibe is as plain as a brown paper bag. But, this doesn’t matter. The main focus here is the Sanda beef. Raised for 28 months in the Hyogo prefecture, chefs grill the beef over binchotan hardwood in a special oven. The grilling process has 10 separate stages, producing a rich, complex flavor you’ll never forget.

The Grillhouse | Johannesburg, South Africa

Arguably one of the best steakhouses on the African continent, The Grillhouse pairs the best red meat with the best red wines. One of the finest menu items is the prime rib, which is slow-roasted for 9 to 12 hours. The T-bone steak and rump are also excellent choices.

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse | Chicago, Illinois

In a city that has no shortage of steakhouses, Gibsons stands out as the greatest in Chicago. The iconic restaurant uses Black Angus cattle from the upper Midwest. The cows are corn-fed for three months and aged for 40 days. For a satisfying meal, order the 48-ounce porterhouse. If you want something a bit lighter, try the three double-cut lamb chops, which weigh in at only 18 ounces.

Bodega El Capricho | León, Spain

Nestled in the small town of Jiménez de Jamuz, Bodega El Capricho is a welcoming asador (grill room) in a former wine cellar. Chef José Gordón only serves beef from local, older cattle, which have more consistent and elegant marbling. The breeds, such as the rubia Gallega (Galician blond), are local to the Iberian peninsula. The chef ages the meat himself and grills it over Spanish oak before serving it on bare wooden tables. Wash down the complex flavors with a local Spanish red wine.

Hawksmoor | London, England

One of London’s biggest, well-publicized success stories, Hawksmoor has eight steakhouses throughout the U.K. Among the most notable is Hawksmoor Spitalfields, the first restaurant that opened in 2006. The steakhouse serves native British longhorn cattle raised on a farm near Wykeham, North Yorkshire. Another favorite is Hawksmoor Guildhall in the heart of London’s financial district. The restaurant serves steaks that are dry-aged for at least 35 days before going on a charcoal grill. Order the classic porterhouse and try it with the anchovy hollandaise. Hawksmoor is set to open a flagship restaurant in New York in 2019. You’ll find it in the Richard Rogers-designed Tower 3 of the World Trade Center.  

Antica Osteria Nandone | Scarperia, Florence

Your hunt for the perfect bistecca alla fiorentina is over at Antica Osteria Nandone, an iconic steakhouse in Tuscany. The on-the-bone steaks come from prized Chianina cattle, are cut about two fingers thick, weigh 2.2 pounds, and only have a dash of sea salt and Tuscan olive oil for seasoning. Chef Paolo Mugnai grills the steak in front of you on the hearth.

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