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Nestled in the eastern Croatian coastline, Hvar is one of the most popular destinations in the Adriatic Sea. The island, inhabited since prehistoric times, is known for its distinctive Hvar culture pottery. It’s also an unofficial wonder of the world with its fertile coastal plain, fresh water springs, mild winters, and warm summers with seemingly endless sunshine. On the island’s hillsides, you’ll find acres of pine trees, as well as agricultural areas filled with olive groves, vineyards, fruit trees, and fields of lavender and rosemary. During the Venetian Empire, prosperity was Hvar’s friend, as it brought culture and the arts to the island, along with Gothic palaces and one of Europe’s first public theaters. As wooden sailing boats went out of fashion in the 20th century, so did Hvar’s popularity. As the standard of living in Croatia rises and five-star hotels move into the area, Hvar is the perfect destination for your next springtime or summer holiday flight in a private charter plane.


Hotel Adriana

Located on a seafront promenade, Hotel Adriana is a premier spa hotel. The modern, minimalistic atmosphere make its prime attractions stand out—the stunning views of the Old Town and the sea. For the ultimate in comfort, book the Spa Suite.

Hotel Amfora

A beach resort with a private bay, Hotel Amfora is a nice 10-minute walk from the center of town. While the rooms are everything you seek in a luxury accommodation, you may enjoy the private beach cabanas more. The kids will love the new cascading pool. Get the most out of your stay by booking the Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite.

Hotel Riva

Situated on a palm-lined waterfront, Hotel Riva has a hip nouvelle vague feel, even though it dates back to 1927. With star-studded clientele, the hotel promises Hollywood-style service with each stay. Get the best red carpet treatment by booking the Riva Marina Suite.


Zlatna Školjka

A slow-food eatery hidden in an alley packed with restaurants, Zlatna Školjka is a family-run seafood restaurant known for the creative menus created by the local celebrity chef. Try the gregada (seafood stew) with lobster, squid in a wild orange sauce or the catch of the day.


Satisfy your sweet tooth or a craving for carbs at Nonica, which features the best cakes in town. Operated out of a small storefront behind the Arsenal, you’ll find local favorites, such as forski koloc. For a real treat, try the Nonica tart with chocolate mousse.


A high-end restaurant in a 15th-century palazzo, Giaxa is the place to see and be seen. Treating gastronomy as a lifestyle, the restaurant serves local cuisine using ingredients sourced from the island. Lobster is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.


Nautical Tourism

Hvar’s harbor will remind you of the Riviera with its influx of luxury yachts and boats. Charter a yacht or rent a boat and travel to nearby Adriatic destinations, such as Stari Grand, Pakleni Otoci, Vis, the Pakleni Islands or St. Clement Island.


Hvar offers unique ceramics found at the Neolithic archeological site, Grapčeva špilja (cave). The creations feature engravings and spiral ornamentation not found elsewhere in the world. If you love handicrafts, see the fine lacework that the nuns from the Benedictine monastery weave using thread made from agava leaves.

History and Architecture Gawking

As a once-thriving maritime location, Hvar Town is rich in architecture that dates back to the 13th century. Talk a walk from the Town Square to a fortress at the top of the hill. Marvel at St. Stephen’s Cathedral and its four-story-tall, elaborately decorated bell tower. Then tour the 17th century Renaissance Theater, one of the first in Europe that was open to aristocrats and plebeians. Take a close look at its baroque loggias and fading frescos.

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