U.S. PGA Championship

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The U.S. PGA Championship is an annual tournament conducted by the Professional Golfers Association of America. It is the golf season’s final major and is generally held in mid-August. In 2016, the championship is re-scheduled for July 25 to July 31, 2016 at the Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey to accommodate the summer Olympic Games, in which golf makes a return. The winner of “the PGA” receives a $10 million purse and an invitation to play in the Master’s Tournament, U.S. Open, Players Championship and the Open Championship for the next five years. After reserving a private plane to the East Coast, learn the ins and outs of the PGA to make the most out of the incredible experience.

What to Wear

Modesty and neutral colors are the rules of thumb when attending a golf tournament. Unlike the Kentucky Derby where flashy attire is a must, the clothes that you wear should not distract the layers.

Ladies, modest sundresses, knee-length khaki skirts, short-sleeved blouses, nice slacks, sun hats and cardigans are good choices. Avoid wearing denim, heels, tight-fitting clothes, revealing clothing, tank tops and graphic tees.

Men, khaki and neutral-colored pants, golf shirts, button-down shirts, caps, solid-colored windbreakers and casual shoes are good go-to options. Avoid wearing flip-flop sandals, golf shoes (unless you’re a playing in the game), T-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts and denim.

What to Bring and What to Leave at the Hotel

Acceptable Items

  • Mobile phones set to “silent” or “vibrate” (make calls in the designated Phone Zones)
  • Sensible hats and caps
  • Sunscreen
  • Small folding chairs
  • One bottle of water with an unopened seal per person
  • Binoculars
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain ponchos

Prohibited Items

  • Cameras (they are only allowed during practice rounds)
  • Backpacks
  • Bags larger than 10 cubic centimeters
  • Personal electronics (e.g., radios, MP3 players, hand-held games)
  • Selfie sticks
  • Hoverboards
  • Oversized chairs with arm rests
  • Pocket knives and other weapons
  • Signs, posters and banners
  • Pets
  • Coolers
  • Ladders and stepstools
  • Outside food and beverages (other than bottled water)

PGA Spectator Tips

  • For the best view, don’t follow your favorite players: To see the big names in the tournament, park yourself at a few holes (rather than follow a player around the course) to get a better view of the pros at work. Some experienced spectators like to hang out at the 18th
  • Arrive early to see your favorites: The best times to shake hands with your favorite players, ask for an autograph and take pictures are during the practice days earlier in the week. Keep in mind that some players are “dew sweepers” who finish practicing in the morning.
  • Tour the course in advance: To see what the players see and check out different vantages, walk the course on Tuesday or Wednesday. This gives you a chance to determine what you’d like to see and where you’d like to sit during the tournament.
  • Take breaks: New Jersey in July is hot and humid. Get out of the heat and take advantage of the cooled tents and indoor areas.
  • Be a member: Being a Wanamaker Club member gets you access to premier tickets, lounge and patio areas, comfortable restrooms, mouth-watering food and beverages. There are also perks for those who drive a Mercedes-Benz to the clubhouse, as well as Chase Sapphire card members.

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