Winter in Aspen

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One of the most enchanting resort towns in the world, Aspen, Colorado, is the epitome of winter glamour with its glitzy black diamond skiing and five-star accommodations. Between the music festivals, galleries, museums and social events, the old silver-mining town turned ski-bum destination is now a winter mecca for socialites, the international elite and nature lovers who probably chartered a private jet to Aspen, CO.


If you no longer get a thrill from shopping, eating and hitting the slopes, consider leveling up your winter sporting activities. Thanks to the ingenuity of individuals who refuse to be homebodies, there are exciting, high-end ways to have a thrilling day on the mountains.


Imagine taking a 40-minute flight in a helicopter to a summit with fresh powder, getting off at one of the highest peaks in America with an expert guide, and being the only group on the remote slopes. Helitrax can make this happen.


If the winter makes you sad because you can’t ride your motorcycle, Aspen Motowork has the next best thing—snow bikes. Introduced in 2002, snow bikes are an official part of the Winter X-Games. They combine the body of a dirt bike with a snowmobile track to give you a ride that’s simpler to maneuver, even in deeper snow. Try one out around Independence Pass or the Lenado backcountry.

Snow Kayaking

Sledding is for kids. You’re an adult and you like to go down hills in style, like Warren Miller. Snow kayaking is just as it sounds: you venture down slopes in a kayak, using a paddle to steer. The bravest kayakers, dressed in dry suits, fly off snowy ledges and into rapids.


If you mastered snowboarding, challenge yourself with snow-kiting, which is similar to windsurfing. As the kite pulls you up into the air and across the terrain, you must maintain your balance and avoid traveling upwind. Take a lesson with Colorado Kite Force.


During the day, Aspen draws crowds for its recreational opportunities. At sundown, everyone retreats inside. The city’s high-end nightclubs and lounges keep the fun going well into the morning hours.

Chair 9

A glamorous après-ski bar within the Little Nell Hotel, Chair 9 is a contemporary lounge that serves champagne by the magnum. Getting its name from the chairlift that once served Ajax Mountain, guests are a mix of local regulars and Hollywood hipsters donning their best fur coats. Ask for upgraded “private chairs,” the club’s VIP seats.


Named after the infamous Colombian drug lord, Escobar gives Aspen a much-needed DJ scene. The dance bar in a subterranean airplane fuselage offers one of the hottest nightlife crowds in the city for those who get passed the red rope. A table reservation ensures your entrance.

Notable high-end nightclubs and watering holes in Aspen also include:


When you want to feel at home, only a luxury rental will do. Villas of Distinction along the Roaring Forks River offers two opulent options that are 10-minute walk from downtown. Aspen Signature Properties rents-out privately owned opulent estates in downtown Aspen, Snowmass Village and on Red Mountain. The president of Villazzo, Christian Jagodzinski, hand-selected ten upscale multi-million dollar rental properties between Snowmass and Aspen to ensure their ambiance, amenities, views, and privacy.

Photo by a4gpa via Flickr

Photo by a4gpa via Flickr

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