Corporate Jet Flights: Time Is Money

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When you think of executive jet hire, the word luxury comes to mind. But private jets do more than just take you to your destination in style and comfort. They save you valuable time, and if you believe that time is money, you will appreciate this advantage.

How does a private jet save you time?

As small jets don’t require the large runways and staff employed by major airports, they can easily fly out of smaller spots. The choice in smaller airports is greater than that in major airports, so you can cut down on the travel time needed to get to one. Additionally, the congestion level at smaller airports is smaller in comparison to major airports.

There are no TSA or check-in lines to worry about either. You have the flexibility to arrive at the airport a couple of minutes prior to departure instead of hours in advance. You also don’t have to wait at the carousel to collect your luggage, saving you more time.

Stay on schedule

When you’re flying commercial, you have no choice but to adjust your schedule around the airline’s timings. When you charter a private flight from Solairus Aviation, you dictate the time and we adjust flight schedules to suit your travel plans. It becomes easier to optimize your time.

Private meetings on-the-go

Private aviation assists with optimum productivity on-board the jet, allowing you to make the most of your time in the sky. With inflight satellite communication and connectivity, holding a meeting in the sky is just as if not more convenient than having one on the ground with email and internet.

In business or first class, you can never be sure who’s around to listen in on your confidential conversations. A chartered jet, on the other hand, affords you complete on-board privacy.

You can do away with a connecting flight

A private jet allows you to travel to places where you would otherwise need a connecting flight. For many executives, business jet charter is a handy solution to connect cities that don’t have a regular flight schedule. That means you can fly directly to an emerging market nation and cut down on travel time in the process.

In a survey of business executives by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), respondents said that they were up to 20 per cent more productive while on a private jet arranged by their company than in office. In contrast, executives flying commercial admitted to experiencing a 40 per cent drop in productivity.

Business charter jets go beyond creature comforts to deliver tangible, meaningful benefits to employees. The question frequent business flyers should be asking is: what more can I do by hiring a private jet?

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