Luggage for your Private Jet that Goes the Extra Mile

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There’s nothing worse than getting where you want to go and realizing your belongings didn’t survive the journey. Or worse – realizing your gear just can’t go with you. Luggage without wheels, packs without adequate pockets, zippers that are less than zippy… Let’s bypass the nuisance with a few worthy travel companions. Here’s our list of travel necessities, from tall to small and trendy to classic to take along with you on your next private jet charter.

The Tried and True, Best of the Best: Tumi Luggage

Tumi, Inc. was founded in 1975 and was named after an ancient Peruvian god. Known for its consistent innovation, Tumi holds over 25 patents for design and engineering breakthroughs, and it’s revered by first-class and frequent world travelers as the best. You can check out several collections and make your choice depending on material, size and features, but always trust the durable, high-quality construction and ball-bearing components that stand the test of time.


Packing Versatility: The Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Switchback 22

The ultimate transformer, this bag by Eagle Creek is your roll-around, carry-on, does-it-all suitcase. It’s lightweight and durable, but what makes this piece of luggage the ultimate traveling partner is its versatility. The Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Switchback 22 offers a spacious piece of luggage and a totally tricked out backpack that zips off the main bag for lighter lugging all in one. Take the whole caboodle with you on the private jet then ditch the bigger bag for a full-featured backpack that’s as ready as you are for ever-changing terrain.

Timeless Traveler: Globe Trotter

If you’re the type who wants to enjoy all aspects of travel right down to the fashion in which your bags are transported by the bellmen, Globe Trotter might be your best bet. Established in Britain in the late 19th Century, this heritage brand offers the most luxurious materials combined with timeless construction for a truly modern version of the traditional box suitcase. Want to make sure you’ll never confuse your luggage with someone else’s? Globe Trotter offers bespoke luggage, so you can create a suitcase that’s unique to you. Just charter a private jet to London to design it.


Rolling in the Details: Best Toiletries Case

We’ve got to go with Tumi again here. In a toiletry case that travels well, you need something heavy-duty yet light, organized yet easy to hang, foldable yet washable. And, you want all of that in style. Tumi gets it right again with the Monaco Travel Kit. Perfect for the ladies and a good toiletry bag for men too, the Monaco Travel Kit keeps everything in order, right where you can see it, and ready to pack up at a moment’s notice.


Flying Under the Radar: The Everlane Weekender

Sometimes subtlety goes a long way. A modern update to the classic weekend by Everlane is a smart choice to get the job done. The San Francisco-based start-up has travelers talking with its stripped-down approach to basics, ranging from t-shirts to cashmere to weekenders. Everlane’s brand philosophy cuts out the middleman, but takes no short cuts in design or manufacturing, so you get high-end staples at a fraction of the price. And it’s not necessarily the price that matters, but the forward thinking business model – that’s enough reason to trade in your old bag.



Solairus Aviation is a leader in private aircraft charters.  Contact our charter team today to learn more about the services offered and how to create your personalized travel solution.

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About Solairus Aviation:

Solairus is a US-based private aviation services company whose core business is assisting aircraft owners with the safe, reliable, and efficient management and operation of their aircraft.  Our services are customized to meet the client’s individual travel and financial requirements, and to support their flight operation with the highest standards of safety and personalized service, regardless of the location of the aircraft.

Solairus was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Solairus has over twenty-five base locations nationwide, employing more than two hundred flight crew and support personnel to operate a fleet currently numbering nearly seventy aircraft.  Solairus is an Aviation Research Group/US Platinum-Rated and Wyvern Wingman certified charter operator.  Solairus has also received the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and is an IS-BAO Stage Three certified company.  Solairus offers a full range of services in addition to aircraft management, which includes aircraft charter sales, aviation support services, and consulting.

For more information about Solairus Aviation, visit or call 800-359-7861.






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