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Does the thought of hopping onto your private jet for a flight to London make you yawn? Is NYC passé? When even the thought of the Galapagos Islands make you shrug your shoulders, it’s time for a far-flung getaway to a place that you thought only existed in fairy tales.

Mount Roraima

Remember the floating lands above the clouds in the movie Avatar? A cloudy day near Mount Roraima on the triple border of Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela looks just like it when clouds form near the peak. After chartering a private jet, the best way to see one of the world’s oldest geological formations is from a helicopter. The bird’s eye view will leave you breathless. The peak and tabletop of the mountain are one in the same as scientists believe that water and wind formed the plateau. Many of the species of flora and fauna found at Mount Roraima are unique to the prehistoric island in the sky and aren’t found anywhere else in the world—a mystery that still boggles scientists. 

McMurdo Dry Valleys

A series of snow-free valleys found west of the McMurdo Sound, the region of the McMurdo Dry Valleys is known as one of the most extreme deserts in the world. The lack of snow is caused by the dry conditions, the lack of ice covering the land and because the nearby mountains block seaward-flowing ice. Katabatic winds also cause the unique conditions in the valley, as the airs warm as they rapidly descend; thus evaporating any water, ice or snow. The ice-filled waters of the nearby McMurdo Sound are perfect if you love marine animals. The extreme conditions turn most tourists away, but the trip is worth the magnificent scenery of glowing blue ice shelves, icebergs, Adelie penguins, Emperor penguins, seals and killer whales. When you arrive by plane, expect to land on a floating ice airstrip by the McMurdo Station.


Located in one of the most exotic locations in the world—the Spice Islands—Zanzibar is the place where tales of black magic, princesses and pirate legends were born. It doesn’t just exist in books. Located in East Africa, in the Indian Ocean, this destination is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania. Here you’ll find warm weather and crystal-clear waters on the isolated beaches of Paje, where you can go out for a gentle ride on a sailboat. Visit the Jozani Natural Park for the unique chance to see the endangered Zanzibar Red Colombus monkey, the Zanibar Servaline Genet and the almost extinct Zanzibar leopard (if you’re lucky)—animals that are all endemic to the area. While you’re here, don’t forget to go to the market to pick up fresh, exotic spices that are hard to find elsewhere in the world.   


A Greek island in the Ionian Sea, Corfu (or Kerkyra) is also known as Poseidon’s hideaway. Bound with the history of the country and its mythology, Poseidon married the nymph Kokyra at the island and named the land after her. In other Greek legends, Odysseus anchored his boat on the shores of Paleokastritza, where he surely enjoyed the white sand, blue waters and magnificent cliffs. Whether you’re a history buff, love warm weather or can’t stand to be far from the sea for too long, Corfu has something for everyone.

The world is full of undiscovered destinations that are awaiting your arrival. Where’s your next stop?

About Solairus Aviation:

Solairus is a full-service aviation asset management company that provides clients with expertise in acquiring and operating a wide range of private aircraft.

Solairus Aviation is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and has over twenty-five base locations across the United States and Europe. Solairus is an Aviation Research Group/US Platinum-rated charter operator with a fleet of over 50 managed aircraft. After completion of an intense operations and safety systems audit, the ARG/US Platinum rating has only been awarded to 5% of the world’s charter operators that have demonstrated that their procedures meet or exceed industry “Best Practices” in all phases. Solairus has also received the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award and is an IS-BAO certified company. Solairus offers a full range of services in addition to aircraft management, which includes aircraft charter sales, aviation support services, and consulting. For more information about Solairus Aviation, visit www.solairusaviation.com or call 800-359-7861.

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