Private Jet Amenities

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Unless you have first-class seats on a luxury airliner, flying commercial isn’t necessarily an experience that you look forward to with joy. Even then, you still have to pack your bags carefully to ensure they meet weight limits, make your way through security (and customs on international flights), catch connecting flights, and hope that the person in the seat next to you is tolerable for the next several hours. When you fly on a private chartered jet, the experience is the opposite of what you’d expect from a commercial flight thanks to the many amenities that you’ll enjoy. You may even find that the cost of flying private is competitive to commercial first class airline tickets at a per seat cost.

Amenities When You Fly Private

The Jet Waits for You

When you charter a flight, you don’t have to worry about arriving to the fixed-based operator (FBO) or airport an hour or two in advance. In fact, if you’re running late, the aircraft will wait for you to arrive.

First-Class Flight Attendants

The flight attendants on private flights are attentive to your needs throughout your flight. The flight crew members know your name and go to great lengths to ensure your flight is safe and pleasant.


Every seat on a private jet is better than the first-class seats on a commercial airliner. Within the cabin, you’ll find divans, entertainment consoles, and recliner-style seats that lean back to a comfortable resting position. Many planes also have berthing divans and seats that transform into beds. If you fly in a large-cabin jet, the aircraft may even have a private bedroom with an en suite bathroom.

Bathrooms are More Private

No more sharing a bathroom with hundreds of other passengers. In a private jet, you share the “lav” with the select few on your flight only. Depending on the size of your plane, the bathroom may include a shower. Instead of a tiny closet that barely has enough room for you to turn around, bathrooms on private jets are more spacious and decorated with appealing touches.

No Typical Airline Food

You will look forward to the food that you eat during a private flight. Many times, the charter company will provide you with a menu offering a variety of meals from which to choose. You may also request food from you favorite restaurant, as well as request that the plane be stocked with your favorite snacks and beverages. The flight attendants will prepare the meals and snacks when you’re ready to eat, so the food always tastes fresh and delicious.


Many private jets have built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected during your travels. In fact, many passengers who fly in business jets report that they are more productive in the air than on the ground because of the ability to focus better and access to various technologies on board, such as televisions, DVD players, stereo systems and more. If you’re traveling with colleagues, request a large-cabin jet with a meeting table or conference facility. After all, it is possible to mix business with pleasure.


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