Private Jet Lifestyle: Cruises for the Affluent

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If you spend most of the time in the air in your private jet and need a change of pace, consider a luxury cruise. Cruises give you the best of land and sea—from exquisite dining experiences to privileged insights into the cultures where you dock. The next time you get a chance to get away, consider one of the following lavish adventures:

North Star Cruises

Take a ride from the far-flung Kimberley area in Australia to the shores of Papua New Guinea on the North Start Cruises’ 164-foot adventure vessel, True North. On the Sepik Soiree or Bismarck Bonanza trips, you and 35 other passengers get the rare opportunity to cruise up and down the waters of Papua New Guinea to witness the cultural traditions and ceremonial rituals of the Iatmul people. True North has 18 suites and a staff of 20, including chefs from the acclaimed Melbourne restaurant Vue de Monde. As expected, the lounge bar is always well stocked. Meet your travel mates in the transom for morning and evening activities that include guided on-land excursions, SCUBA diving, snorkeling and fishing. (

Four Season Explorer

When you charter a private jet, do you like staying at a Four Seasons Hotel and Resort? If so, you’ll love its floating hotel, the Four Seasons Explorer. The cruise experience takes you and 21 other passengers to the most remote areas of the Maldives aboard a 128-foot vessel for a truly luxe getaway. The experience includes exploring exotic villages, touring crystalline waters, chatting with the resident marine biologist and sandbank barbeques. The Explorer experiences offered include a spa getaway, water sports, island hopping (and shopping) and deep sea dives among whale sharks, manta rays, shipwrecks and untouched reefs. (


Seabourn announced in February 2013 that it’s adding the “Ultimate Antarctic and Patagonia” to its line of premium cruises aboard the Seabourn Quest starting in November 2013. In addition to offering what you expect from all-inclusive cruise packages, like personal valets and complimentary open bars, the cruise’s staff will include lecturers, historical experts, naturalists and scientists with decades of regional experience to guide you during your journey. Seabourn will also have award-winning photographers on board to teach you how to take your own exceptional digital photos of the White Continent. Plan to see tabular icebergs and wildlife from the ship and sites that offer Zodiac landings. If you’re lucky, the largest animal in the world—a blue whale—may even make an appearance. Voyages begin in Valparaíso, Chile and end in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (

Compagnie du Ponant

French cruise line Compagnie du Ponant announced this month that it will start offering yacht cruises to all seven continents on its latest five-star ship, Le Soléal. Starting in summer 2013, Le Soléal will start its polar expeditions, followed by a cruise that offers a tour through Asia. The Asia cruise with its 13 itineraries is special because of Le Soléal’s smaller size, which gives the vessel the ability to berth in ports and sail in waters restricted to larger cruise ships. The cruise through the eastern continent takes you to well-known favorites like Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and India, as well as those that are off the radar, such as Myanmar, Oman and Borneo. While onboard Le Soléal, you’ll have access to a full-service spa, butler service, Internet access, a 250-seat theater and more. (

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