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Petaluma-based Solairus on growth trajectory

By Jenna V. Loceff, Business Journal Staff Reporter

Establishes private jet charter fleet in Florida, now has 200 employees, planes on both coasts

PETALUMA – Charter jet company Solairus Aviation has tripled in size under its new name and continues to expand its offerings and coverage.

The 200-employee company was born out of the closure of Sunset Aviation, a 16-year-old venture that was shut down last year in the wake of its parent company’s bankruptcy. It had emerged from that event with 60 employees.

After one year in business, Solairus has established a charter jet fleet nationwide. A  Falcon and Hawker and a new Gulfstream G550 are available to charter customers. The Gulfstream, a large-cabin, ultra-long-range business jet is the newest addition to the 50-plane charter jet fleet.

“This is the second Gulfstream G550 to join our charter certificate in the last nine months – I am very proud of our team and everyone who made this happen,” said Solairus VP of Business Development Craig Zirzow. “The East Coast is a major area of focus for us right now. With one G550 based in San Francisco and the other in Florida, we can now offer our clients even more flexibility and convenience when planning their long-range trips.”

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