The benefits of chartering a private jet

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Are you the type of person that demands luxury and comfort? Is convenience and saving time high on your priority list? Would you like to fly exclusively by yourself or with your friends, family, or business associates? If you answered yes to these questions, then a private jet may be the perfect solution for you.

Private jets are ready and available when you are, you literarly control the departure time! You will not have to search, hope, and pray to find a flight that fits into your schedule. You will not have to get to the airport, two to three hours prior to your flight and become a part of the cattle-call security line; the unpacking and packing of your laptop, keys, cell phones and cameras, and the removing of your belt, jacket and shoes. You will be able to pull directly up to your plane, fully clothed, with your luggage in tow and take off on your schedule. Plus, private jets are also able to land at smaller airports closer to your destination, saving you even more time on your trip

You can attend a meeting in Los Angeles for breakfast, a meeting in Houston for lunch, and then still arrive back home for dinner in Chicago, all in one day!

Private jet charters also offer unprecedented comfort and privacy. You will fly with a variety of requested amenities including open wet bars, gourmet meals, and even in-flight movies of your choice. With on-board WiFi, satellite phones, and faxes, you will be able to conduct business during your flight as well.

A private jet charter is the only way to travel when you insist upon the very best. If luxury, comfort and style are what you prefer, then a private jet charter is defintely for you.

Solairus’ uniquely experienced charter jet sales team represents decades of knowledge in coordinating a diverse range of private travel requests for corporations and individuals through our global network of aircraft.  Our unbeatable personal service and rigorous commitment to safety make Solairus the clear choice for discriminating travelers.

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