Travel Essentials

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When you fly private, you have peace of mind knowing all your needs will be met during your flight. Nevertheless, packing some personal items will make your travels, in general, more pleasurable, comfortable and convenient whether you’re boarding a private jet for business or pleasure.

Travel Essentials for Your Next Flight

Email Copies of Important Documents to Yourself

The last thing you want to do during a trip is lose important documents and not know how to reproduce the information on them. Before your next flight, scan your passport, driver’s license, insurance documents, credit cards, visas and other important documents. Then email a copy of the documents to yourself. Alternatively, save the scanned images in a secure cloud storage solution.

Stylish Carry-On

How you carry your belongings is just as important as what is in them. Make a statement when you travel with the Cavalier I No. 96 Alligator Duffel Bag from Ghurka. The elegant, compact duffel has a fold-end design that makes it roomy. Because it’s made from durable exotic alligator leather, the bag will be your carry-on staple for years.

If you prefer to carry the weight on your back, opt for Ghurka’s Explorer No. 239 Alligator Backpack. Offering style and practicality, the pack has two exterior pockets and is big enough to accommodate a weekend wardrobe.

Blanket Scarf

There’s a good chance your private jet will have cozy blankets on board, but sometimes it’s nice to have something you can use in the car, during an evening out, or as you shop. This is where a blanket scarf comes into play. A blanket scarf is a scarf that’s large enough to use as a light throw blanket. Choose a fashionable blanket scarf that’s comfortable enough for relaxing during your flight and elegant enough for a nice meal, like this cashmere Fairisle Fara from The Travelwrap Company.

Compression Socks

Blood clots, or deep vein thrombosis, are a risk for those who travel for more than four hours by plane, train, bus or car. They may form in the deep veins of your legs when you sit still in a confined space for an extended period. Reduce your risk of developing a clot during a flight by staying hydrated, getting up once in a while to stretch, and wearing knee-length compression socks.

ProCompression offers a variety of compression socks and sleeves that provide the benefits of compressive clothing while making a fashion-forward statement.

Shirt Transporter

When you arrive at a hotel in the evening after a long flight, you might want to spend your time exploring or resting instead of ironing or sending your dress shirts away to be pressed. PackTidy has you covered with sturdy molded cases that keep your dress shirts crisp and wrinkle-free.

Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask

Airplane cabins are arid environments that zap the moisture out of your body, including your skin. As you fly, limit your alcohol and salt intake, keep your favorite beverage nearby, and replenish the moisture in your skin with a hydrating sheet mask. A popular K-beauty trend, sheet masks are made of a soft fabric-like material soaked in a moisturizing serum. Throw a TimeWise Repair sheet mask from Mary Kay into your carry-on luggage to give yourself a mini in-flight facial.

Collapsible Suitcase

The next time you buy gifts or souvenirs during a trip and find yourself short on luggage space, don’t worry about buying last-minute luggage or shipping the items to yourself. Instead, pull out the Stowaway by Paravel. The waterproof canvas suitcase is fully collapsible and stores flat, taking up about as much room as a pair of pants. Simply pack one into a larger suitcase and pull it out if you do some retail therapy.

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